Faster delivery option during November 2022

Faster delivery option during November 2022

Thanks for buying your bike at Chain Reaction. Now, how would you like to get your bike delivered faster?

If you’re an experienced rider with solid mechanical skills, then you could cut your delivery time almost in half by opting out of our Pre-Dispatch Inspection (PDI) process and assembly.

With huge demand for new bikes over Black Friday, Chain Reaction is giving you the chance to get your bike up to five days faster.

You can choose to either:

  1. Wait for us to process and deliver your bike in the normal way, or
  2. Have your bike dispatched today but without our usual assembly and pre-dispatch inspection.

Why choose this option?

Faster delivery option during November 2022

Our bike building team aim to have your bike ready within five working days. Bulky item delivery services then take another five working days. But the increased demand means this usual 10-day timeframe may take a little longer than usual.

We know that some of you buying a bike at Chain Reaction don’t require their bike to be built. Some like to make their own adjustments and change out their favourite components for a bespoke setup once their bike arrives.

So, we’ve decided to give you the option to opt out of the PDI and assembly process so you can get your bike much sooner.

Self-assembly and inspection

Faster delivery option during November 2022

For those choosing to take up the option of getting their bike without the usual PDI and assembly, this will mean the bike is not road worthy when it’s delivered. The bike will require more involved assembly and inspection by an experienced rider or trained mechanic, in line with the manufacturer’s assembly instructions.

We’ll provide a list of clear instructions on how to complete the build yourself and some necessary checks.

It will mean you will not have to wait the usual five working days for the completion of the assembly and pre-dispatch inspection (PDI).

To proceed with this option, just click or tap here to email us. In the email, please confirm:

  • That you’ve understood the terms stated here.
  • That you wish to proceed with the dispatch of the bike without assembly and PDI.

If you don’t want to use the self-assembly option and instead want us to continue to assemble and PDI your bike as normal, then you don’t have to take any action.

Dispatch and delivery will have a slight delay as outlined above, outside of the usual 10 working days (five for assembly, five for delivery).

Ts&Cs (important but boring stuff)

Ts&Cs (important but boring stuff)


The estimated delivery for bulky items remains as five working days, even if we dispatch without assembly and inspection.


Chain Reaction is not responsible for damage, injury, or equipment failure caused by improper assembly or inspection, and you agree that you are aware of the risks of improper assembly or inspection and that it is your responsibility to ensure assembly and inspection is safely carried out.

Please note, we advise that if you want to proceed with the self-assembly and inspection option to:

  • Use a skilled technician to inspect the bike before using it if you have any doubts about what you’re doing, the bike’s safety, or whether it has been installed correctly.
  • You’re responsible for covering all fees and charges related to the assembly and inspection of your bike.

Before the bike is used, you must pay close attention to the following key areas to ensure that the bike can be used safely. These include but are not limited to, ensuring:

  • All bolts are torqued to the right level (an M-check along the frame, forks, and handlebars will bring you to each bolt which should be checked).
  • Brakes are set up correctly, with the correct level of contact to the rim or disc as per the correct country specification (UK brakes should be right-hand front brake and left-hand rear brake) and in line with the manufacturer’s factory settings.  Please also ensure that, where specified, hydraulic brakes are correctly bled before use.
  • Gears are set up to index correctly, to ensure that they shift correctly and efficiently
  • Seatposts are greased before inserting into the seat tube and the seat clamp adjusted to ensure tightness of fit (taking care not to over-tighten).
  • Core bike components are installed correctly and to the right torque setting; including cranks, pedals, handlebars and stem bolts.
  • Tyre pressures are set in line with manufacturer guidelines; these will differ dependent on bike type and manufacturer as well as your rider preference.

For guidance, we’ve attached a list of steps covered by a PDI and non-PDI bike [see Customer Guide to Pre-Dispatch Inspection]. But note, these steps don’t replace the manufacturer’s instructions which must be followed.

Chain Reaction accepts no liability in the event of any injury or damage (whether to you, the bike, any other person or property (whether your own or otherwise)) caused by failure to correctly assemble, inspect, or maintain the bike, or for using a bike with any visible damage. Please check all of the bike’s components for signs of imperfections prior to any assembly. In the event you identify damage to the bike or any components, don’t use the bike and instead follow the normal returns process set out on our website.

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