How we use your photos and videos

How we use your photos and videos
How we use your photos and videos

We enjoy showcasing the activities of our community, so occasionally we may decide to use pictures, videos, and comments that you send us through social media on the Chain Reaction website, on our social media accounts, or in our communications. You agree to our terms and conditions by responding to a comment or tagging one of our social media accounts below in response to our request to use photos, videos, or comments (collectively, “User Generated Content”) that you have posted to our social media channels.

You give Chain Reaction the right to use any videos, photos, or other content that you post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tiktok, along with your social media handle, user name, profile picture, caption, and any location data you may have included in your content. This right is non-exclusive and not subject to any kind of royalties. This applies if you have commented on a post or tagged one of our social media accounts.

Without incurring any liability to you, Chain Reaction is free to use, display, distribute, change, and/or edit User Generated Content in any way we see fit (while maintaining the original sentiment).

You confirm and agree that: (i) you own all the rights in the User Generated Content and/or that you have permission from any person(s) entitled with any intellectual property rights (ii) you and all other person(s) appearing in the User Generated Content are not under 18; and (iii) Chain Reaction’s use of your User Generated Content will not break any law or violate the rights of a third party.

If you have any queries regarding the use of your UGC, please drop us a message via one of our social accounts.

Tom Adams

Tom is a bike enthusiast! Originally a mountain biker, Tom enjoys going fast on two wheels, whether it's on the road or on the gravel, mountain bike or commuting! Tom has been riding bikes for almost 18 years and loves nothing more than getting out on the roads or trails and testing out the newest and most innovative things on the Chain Reaction website!

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