Win a Vitus Mythique VRX full suspension mountain bike!

Well done to Carwyn Jones from Carmarthenshire – you are the winner! Keep an eye out for more competitions, right here on The Hub!

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    1. I have only ever had a hardtail and always wished for a full sus. My hard tail only has 80mm suspension forks.
      I would really appreciate this bike

  1. Would love to win the Vitus Mythique VRX ,as the day it’s drew is the day I turn 50 ,would be a great present for can old man 😂😂😂😜

  2. Sure wish it was a sparkling new Nukeproof Giga they were giving away! Anyway, it is still a very nice bike for the prize draw!

  3. I’d always feel bad whenever I accidentally break something on my dad’s bike, so it would be awesome if I didn’t have to share bike with my dad and have my own

  4. I have an old Vitus Blitz 1.0 bought in 2014 from CRC. Great bike but worn out now. This would make a nice upgrade!!

  5. I discovered the hard way that I need a more capable bike for attacking DH trails..

    ..26″ 100mm XC hardtails bounce off gnarly roots and throw me into trees. I would love to get my hands on a Vitus, let alone an awesome full suspension vitus!

  6. would be sick to win in order to progress my riding and hit the bigger jumps and become a better rider altogether

  7. I would love this bike, especially how difficult it is at the moment to buy one. I’ve been trying to buy the sommet cr 29…always sold out, shows you how good these vitus bikes are. So, yes please 😉

  8. Would be so happy if I won this as I’m saving up for a full suspension and this would be perfect.

  9. Guys the thing is i ride very good but my bike holds my skills back UK… i ride a pretty cheap hardtail because i didnt got the money to buy an actual enduro bike. So it would be soooo nice to ein this beatiful bike…
    I know the Chances are low but i still try.

  10. I hope to earn this dream bike, I am in the best physical level that I’ve ever been , I just need this baby to fly

  11. It will be my greatest 40th birthday present ever and will be giving it to my dad if I’ve won it.

  12. It would be amazing to win this bike! Especially after everything that has been going on in the world lately. This would bring a smile to someone’s face, for sure! And would help my son able to come and ride with me! 🥰

  13. I would be awesome , if I get to win this bike. Am now 53 years old man, what else could I wish for.

  14. I need this bike for our 12 year old daughter, her little Hardtail is not cutting it for her anymore.

  15. Having had 2 high end bikes stolen in the past 4 months and the latest one 2 weeks ago, this would be a nice way of turning a recent low into a positive 🙏🙏🙏

  16. Would love to win this amazing bike. And it is my birthday just after the give away ends. 🤞

  17. i’ve been dreaming having an mtb since childhood but unfortunately can’t afford it…though i’ve tried so hard but i have important priorities over buying my dream bike…im really hoping one day i could have my own mtb too…Please🙏Please🙏 Hope you choose me

  18. This would mean the world if I win this bike. My bike frame cracked recently and I can’t aaford a new one quite yet so this would mean the world if I won

  19. It would be sick. I have a really old hard tail which is really rustey. I have been wonting a full sus for ages and my riding would be so much better.

  20. Been wanting a full sus for soooo long. My hardtail is nearly ready for the scrap man but full sus bikes are so expensive nowadays. Fingers and toes crossed for a win

  21. Hi Lyn,
    Let me win the Vitus Mythique VRX , would look great top of Rostrevor with myself onboard, “Kodak_Korner”, of course!

  22. Only ever been able to afford lower spec hardtails and been riding for yonks. This would be an absolute god send!! 🤞

  23. would love to win it, as i have a had a hardtail for many years. but also would be stoked for the person who wins, and all the best


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