Win a Nukeproof Sam Hill Oil Slick components bundle!

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  1. Could really use this win!
    Been a tough year or so with all the COVID crap! All the cash I had tucked aside for my new ride, a trek slash 8, ended up being used to keep a roof over mine and my families head as the wife’s work closed.
    Having to keep my 13 year old specialised stump jumper for another year or so and saying it’s on its last legs would probably be the understatement of this year!
    Already upgraded to nukeproof horizon handle bars and I have the stem already but just in black. Lucks never great with these things but worth a red hot crack!
    Good luck everyone else who has entered!

  2. I hope I win the Sam Hill bundle, I have a couple of oil slick components on my Whyte e-150rs and the bundle will finish it off perfectly

  3. Not a particular fan of oil-slick components, maybe this would convert me.

    Would look nice on 2021 Vitus Sentier VR (my 7 week old hardtail)

  4. So after months of waiting for my new whip to arrive it finally came and what better way to make it feel at home than to spoil it with some really nice upgrades love the way these components look

  5. This has been a hard year what with covid 19 restrictions on going and doing what comes natural 😕.
    But to win rhis would be a dream come true , as my bike is in dia need of some love .
    Having three children and a hobby is hard enough but that’s life and I wouldn’t change a thing except ( covid 19 ) and of course thanks CRC for a chance of winning 😀

  6. My 14yr old sons mega would love these components! Great gear and a quality service is always the CR values! 😉

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