We have take off with the new RockShox Flight Attendant

RockShox has released it’s new Flight Attendant suspension system, a wireless communications system that pulls data from electronic sensors at the crank, fork and rear shock to offer the rider real time automatic suspension. 

RockShox Flight Attendant uses a series of sensors that anticipate the rider and terrain to respond with the perfect suspension position. Constantly analysing your pedal stroke, force, and the trail you are riding using the sensors onboard to tell your suspension how it needs to react to the terrain. No need for pedal-assist switches or buttons to press the Flight Attendant MTB suspension will do it all for you. 

What are the main features of RockShox Flight Attendant?

  • Improved pedaling efficiency across all terrain
  • Intuitive and adaptive suspension system matches riders input and terrain
  • Three sensors send data to algorithms which process information every five milliseconds
  • Easy installation and calibration with AXS system

Onboard Algorithms and Sensors

Flight Attendant uses innovative onboard algorithms which receive an abundance of information from three sensors on the bicycle. Located on the fork, rear shock and crankset they will scan your pedal stroke and terrain which is all fed back to the algorithm and within milliseconds the suspension will be adjusted to suit the needs in real time.

All are controlled using a battery operated system similar to the one on the SRAM eTap series. If your batteries also happen to die whilst you are out, Flight Attendant will automatically default to Open compression position.

Three Positions to Suit All

The software will then automatically set the suspension to one of three compression positions that the Flight Attendant offers. All compression positions offer different dynamics that will all for a smoother, comfortable and powerful ride.


Allows full utilisation of your suspension with full amount of travel available to cross all terrains. If travelling downhill or your tire hitting a rock your suspension will open allowing for a more comfortable ride.


Allows the suspension to optimize itself across the terrain, making itself stiffer to deliver the right amount of traction and efficient for your energy output. Will be set during flatter or uphill single track. .


at its firmest setting the flight attendant will turn into an Enduro beast to maximise your effort as you put the power down.

Fine Tune Your Suspension

The three components of Flight Attendant all utilise the AXS system to communicate with the onboard software that responds in real time to activate one of the 3 compression positions. SRAM’s AXS system was originally developed for their wireless group set systems, allowing you to control your components via a mobile app. A simple calibration when you first switch on the flight attendant with AXS system will allow for more control and personalisation of your suspension. 

Auto Mode

Deciphering every input automatically to adjust the suspension based on your riding and the terrain. No need for any buttons or dials, all you need to do is ride and Flight Attendant does the rest. Using the sensors on the 3 modules the algorithm will learn what your terrain is and set it to one of the 3 compression positions automatically.

Manual Mode

Flight Attendant can go back to basics and allows you to manually control the suspension. Accessed through the control module or on the fork module. Disabling Auto Mode allows you to have full control.

Override Mode

Allows the rider to set their desired position. If you are looking for an enduro style locked suspension you can set Flight Attendant to it and off you go. Simply press and hold your preferred profile on the AXS controller and override turns off auto mode.

LSC Adjust

If you know how you like your suspension to feel, Flight Attendant can be customised with 10 Low Speed Compression settings to set your ideal performance. This can be changed via the Flight Attendant Control Module or the SRAM AXS App.

Bias Adjust

Allows you to fine tune how the Flight Attendant algorithm responds to your riding to best match your personal choice. Bias system has five options to choose from –2.-1, zero, +1, +2. Adjusting these options in a negative direct cause the system to favour the Open compression position. Whilst setting it in the positive direction will cause the system to favour the Lock compression position.

We are very excited to see this out on trials, it’ll be available on Chain Reaction very soon.

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