Water bikes float idea for new sport cyclists could dominate

Water bikes may have just started off as a wheeze by some starry-eyed Spaniards, but the game may have just changed.

The pedal-powered, water-going bike by RedShark first emerged last year. But one year on and they’ve undergone a significant upgrade, including the introduction of a carbon fibre race board.

It seems inevitable that a new sport is on the horizon, with RedShark hoping lakes and coasts everywhere will soon be showered by these pedal-powered speed machines.

It just so happens that cycling is packed full of people who are ridiculously good at, well, pedalling, and could dominate this sport as soon as competitions go live.

Interestingly, the racing model of the bike is fitted with clipless SPD-SL pedals, foreshadowing perhaps that cyclists could be in for a quick win. Meanwhile, the bikes were paraded at the recent Sea Otter Classic bike festival in an attempt to tempt open-minded riders.

Could you be the first international BoardBike champion?

Check out the latest video from the RedShark crew below:

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