Is Trokyland in Spain one of the world's coolest trails?

We were blown away by this awesome video of DH racer Jack Reading shredding through a hand-built trail in Spain last week.
And it wasn’t just us. Our post sharing this sweat-inducing run through the super-steep Trokyland received over a thousand likes and hundreds of comments from our followers who were determined to add this track in Northern Spain to their bucket list.

The technically challenging trail has been used in preseason training by riders like Amaury Pied Rond, Thomas Estaque, Toni Ferreiro, Kilian Bron, Maxime Peythieu, Arthur Quet, and Benoît Guimier.
It has hosted a number of regional DH races and aspires to be a regular stage for International DH Cup rounds.
Posting about his recent run, Jack Reading wrote: “Roberto who owns the land built the track solo and all by hand, and maintains it with the same strategy! It’s only short but it’s super steep at the top, has crazy features on the way down and the dirt is just awesome. Here’s a full POV run of this crazy track!”
What do you think? Is this one of the coolest trails in the world?

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