Our top MTB winter clothing picks (including some Black Friday deals ๐Ÿ˜‰)

Best MTB winter clothing

Riding in the colder and wetter months of winter can become a struggle at times. The lack of motivation to get out on the trails mixed with the limited daylight can mean getting out on the bike is the last thing on your list.

However, winter riding can be a blast! When you’re riding through the mud and slop on your favourite trails or even through the snow, the trails feel different and you don’t mind getting muddy.

And as the good old saying goes – ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather; just bad clothing’. So we’re here to help you get the best winter clothing setup for the coming season (and helping you get some Black Friday deals too – who doesn’t love a bargain?).

Our top picks for MTB winter clothing:

Our top tips for MTB winter riding

Our top tips for MTB winter riding

Before we get into the detail of our top winter MTB clothing picks – here are a few top tips when it comes to getting winter ready.

  • Layer up sensibly: Do your research and check the weather ahead of time. To layer correctly you want to ensure your clothing protects you from the cold, soaking rain and freezing winds, all while limiting the risk of overheating. 
  • Stick to natural material: Wool is a brilliant material. It stays warm when wet, dries quickly, doesnโ€™t stink too badly and wicks moisture well.
  • Waterproof trousers are awesome: The best thing since sliced bread – waterproof trousers keep the dirt off your legs, protect you from the cold and can be easily hosed down after a ride. Plus they can be machine washed in soap to maintain the waterproof membrane.
  • Double up on the gloves: When your hands get cold and wet the rest of the day can be miserable on the bike. It can limit your response to braking, steering and just feel uncomfortable. Fire an extra pair of gloves in your bike to swap out when your pair get a bit soggy.

Our top MTB winter clothing picks

Black Friday deals
Leatt MTB 1.0 Helmet DH

Leatt MTB 1.0 Helmet DH

You may run a higher risk of falling off on slick trails during the winter. So make sure your helmet is up to standards in order to keep yourself safe.

The 360-degree Turbine Technology of the Leatt MTB 1.0 downhill helmet, which works by helping to absorb energy on impact, packs a lot of protection and comfort.

Cooling vents across the helmet provide a breeze to stop your head from sweating when the going gets hot.


POC Tectal Race Mips Helmet

If a full face helmet is a bit too much for you – then we’ve got the perfect half lid for you. The POC Tectal Race is at the forefront of protection for mountain bikers like us.

One of the first helmets to adopt the extended shell design to protect the back of your head even more, this Mips-equipped helmet helps reduce rotational impacts should you crash.

The POC Tectal Race is incredibly comfortable and well-fitting, with excellent ventilation to keep you cool and POC’s 360-degree fit system ensures a perfect fit.

POC Tectal Race Mips Helmet

100% Racecraft 2 Goggles Clear Lens

100% Racecraft 2 Goggles Clear Lens

Goggles are a great addition to keeping your vision clear on the sloppy trails. 100% have given the Racecraft 2 goggles an expansive field of view and unrivalled comfort (because we all know, some goggles can hurt after a while).

We found the clear lens to be superb in the low light conditions, helping us see the trail ahead. The silicone coated strap hasn’t failed us even in the extremely wet conditions too.

Oakley Jawbreaker Dual Lens Photochromic Sunglasses

If goggles aren’t the one for you on the trails, then Oakley have the perfect replacement. Oakley’s Jawbreakers are world famous – offering excellent clarity and comfort all day.

For the low light in the winter months – swap out Oakley’s PRIZM lenses for their photochromic lens that give you excellent clear vision that other lenses won’t deliver.

  • This bundle comes with two lenses – PRIZM & Clear to Black Photochromic lens.
Oakley Jawbreaker Dual Lens Photochromic Sunglasses

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Chill Cycling Jersey

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Chill Cycling Jersey

A winter jersey is just a jersey right? Not for Troy Lee Designs it isn’t. Using a warm knit fabric, the Skyline Chill jersey is the ultimate jersey for helping you retain heat.

Their best-selling Skyline jersey has been updated to include a soft brushed fleece-like inner with a relaxed fit to keep you comfortable on the bike.

Not only does it keep you warm but we found that helped keep the sweat away from us too.

Fox Racing Ranger 2.5L Water Jacket

A jacket is always first on the list for those winter rides. A good jacket will help keep you warm and dry, with the best being able to wick away sweat too.

The Fox Racing Ranger 2.5L Water Jacket is one of the best on the market. The fully seam sealed jacket is made from a lightweight waterproof and breathable fabric.

Keeping us fresh and dry as we tackle the fickle weather.

  • Available in men’s and women’s sizing
Fox Racing Ranger 2.5L Water Jacket

MTB winter clothing - 100% Brisker gloves

100% Brisker gloves

100% Brisker, one of the most admired weatherproof gloves, are a great addition to your winter MTB gear collection.

The 100% Brisker gloves will keep your hands protected during the winter thanks to the Clarino palm, an insulated soft-shell top for added warmth, and silicone printed palm graphics for increased grip.


Endura MT500 Freezing Point Trousers

The MT500 Freezing Point Trousers are the ideal companion for the upcoming cold and rainy winter days, helping you to reset the thermostat.

Critical sections are kept dry with Primaloft Gold Active Insulation panels on the front that are tight and waterproof spray panels.

These trousers haven’t failed us yet despite the several wet rides we’ve taken them on.

  • Available in men’s and women’s sizing
MTB winter clothing - Endura MT500 Freezing Point Trousers

MTB winter clothing - Five Ten Trailcross Gore-Tex

Five Ten Trailcross Gore-Tex

We have struggled to find a shoe in recent years that is as good as the Five Ten Trailcross GTX. Performing ride after ride, the Trailcross GTX combine the Gore-Tex membrane with the lightweight and comfortable Trailcross platform.

This is a bad weather shoe that offers impeccable flat pedal grip and near perfect waterproofing. We’ve been riding these shoes for the last year in atrocious wet weather conditions and have always found our feet to be dry after each ride.

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