Shimano 105 Di2 – Affordable wireless shifting performance!

Shimano 105 Di2

The one we’ve all been waiting for – Shimano have just announced the launch of 105 Di2! The groupset that’s claimed by Shimano to be the ‘world’s most popular’ has been updated to now include electronic shifting.

Bringing Di2 shifting to a new set of riders, Shimano have used functions and technologies inherited from the top-level Dura-Ace and Ultegra groupsets to create the new 105 Di2 setup.

With sophisticated ergonomics, 105-optimised gear combinations and an exceptional brake system – let’s find out what marks the new era of Shimano Di2.

Shimano 105 Di2 at a glance

  • 105 goes wireless: semi wireless 12-speed groupset, no fuss just lightning-fast precision shifting
  • Gears make the difference: A brand new 12-speed cassette brings a wider range of gearing
  • Slowing down gets faster: Braking on the 105 Di2 is faster, smoother and quieter
  • Roll faster than before: New wheelset designed for accelerating, climbing or all round riding

A closer look at Shimano 105 Di2

Shimano 105 Di2 - Crankset


Shimano’s 105 Di2 crankset includes Hollowglide construction which allows for quicker, more accurate front shifting and effective power transfer. While reducing weight, it maintains performance, stiffness and strength. Additionally, smaller riders can benefit from Shimano’s renowned shifting because the crank arm length starts at 160mm.

Shimano 105 Di2 - Rear Derailleur

Rear Derailleur

Utilising wireless Di2 for quicker, more precise rear shifting; the 105 rear derailleur uses a wireless device, charging port, and function button all integrated into a more compact form.

You may use your cycle computer or smartphone to monitor the battery level for convenience. Additionally, choose your preferred shift mode and view adjustment mode to change the rear derailleur to your preferences.

Front Derailleur

Front Derailleur

Similar to the rear derailleur, the new Shimano 105 Di2’s wireless platform delivers rapid and smooth shifting with the front derailleur.

Choose between manual or synchronised shifting assist modes, which, according to Shimano, act as a personal assistant to help you choose your gearing. Additionally, the efficient communication with the rear derailleur and the programmed chain guide help to reduce chain drop.



Shimano have developed a new 12-speed cassette for the 105 Di2 range. Being the same width as the 11-speed cassette, this means the cogs are closer together which brings a faster, smoother shifting.

  • Compatible with new 11 & 12-speed road Freehub

Braking System

Braking System

Braking is a vital part of your bike setup and Shimano haven’t forgotten that with the new 105 Di2. Offering superb stopping control in all conditions – Shimano claim this is the lightest, smoothest and quietest 105 braking system yet.

The hydraulic disc brake system has 10% more pad clearance than mechanical 105, meaning there is less of that annoying brake rub.

Braking System

Refined using pro rider feedback, the all-new dual control wireless lever brings more control and unparalleled ergonomics including a raised hood peak and a smoother, lighter lever action.

It’s reach adjust mechanism means the distance from the handlebar grip to the lever can be tweaked to suit any hand size or riding style. Plus there’s a claimed three years of worry-free battery life.

New wheelset

New wheelset

With a refined and lightweight groupset also comes a perfectly blended aerodynamic tubeless disc brake wheelset. Shimano’s mid range carbon wheels offer the C32 for accelerating and climbing whilst the C46 is a great all-rounder.

How much does Shimano 105 Di2 weigh?

Of course, the all important question – how much does the Shimano 105 Di2 weigh and how does it compare to others?

105 Di2 (R7150)2992g
105 (R7000)2846g
Ultegra Di2 (R8100)2716.5g
Dura-Ace Di2 (R9200)2438.5g

*Items are subject to availability

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