RockShox spring forward to 2023 with their new range of Forks

RockShox spring forward with their new range of Forks for 2022

RockShox have just announced a fleet of new updates to some very well known forks for 2022! Pike, Lyrik and ZEB have all been updated with some awesome new technologies and designs!

Let’s check out what’s new…

New RockShox Suspension Forks – at a glance:

  • RockShox have announced updates to three models: Pike, Lyrik and ZEB
  • New components including new DebonAir+ Air Spring and ButterCups offer increased confidence and comfort
  • All-new chassis updates have been designed with increased stiffness and efficiency whilst aiming to eliminate as much weight as possible
  • Fresh new colourways are inspired from RockShox favourite alpine sufferfests!

RockShox Suspension Forks – In-depth look at the new components

New Charger 3 Damper

New Charger 3 Damper

Designed to keep you in control and full of confidence, the new Charger 3 is a complete revolution in damper tunability. In this new damper, RockShox have eliminated High Speed Compression and Low Speed Compression cross-talk meaning you have the ability to adjust the fork without having to compromise additional feedback or harshness all whilst gaining control, confidence and comfort.

New ButterCups

New ButterCups

Fresh for 2022, these little gold-packaged rubber pucks, dubbed ButterCups, live at the end of the damper and air spring shafts. A technology adopted from off-road vehicles and chainsaws, these ButterCups dampen high-frequency vibrations before they hit your hands and arms.

New DebonAir+ Air Spring

New DebonAir+ Air Spring

RockShox have fitted their new Pike, Lyrik and ZEB forks with a new DebonAir+ Air Spring. Looking at the finer details, RockShox have improved small bump absorption to be more reactive over every inch of trail whilst adding mid-stroke support to allow the fork to sit higher in travel and utilise every millimeter of travel.

RockShox Pike 2022

RockShox Pike

Described by RockShox as a fork that’s ultra-versatile, lightweight and heavy on attitude, the new RockShox Pike is the ultimate trail crushing fork. Designed for the ultimate trail bikes, RockShox say that the Pike is a mid-travel ripper giving you shorter travel, aggressive geometry and a lightweight fork. In the updated model, RockShox have streamlined the Pike Chassis and built in new tried and tested technology to make this the best Pike range yet!

Let’s look closer at the full RockShox Pike range:

  • Pike: The all-new chassis on the Pike delivers a playful trail experience now featuring the Rush RC damper, DebonAir+ air spring and upgradeable to new Pressure Relief Valves to help eliminate air pressure in the lower leg of the fork.
  • Pike Select: Featuring the Charger RC damper, all-new DebonAir+ air spring and Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube.
  • Pike Select +: Without compromising features or performance, Pike Select + features the new Charger 3 RC2 damper, DebonAir+ air spring and Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube to keep your fork performing on the long term.
  • Pike Ultimate: The trail-ready Ultimate has been redesigned for 2022 with a new 35mm chassis containing podium-proven technology like the new Charger 3 damper with vibration-killing ButterCups. DebonAir+, Pressure Relief Valves, and the Ultimate Bushing Package are included in the Pike Ultimate to maximise bushing overlap and minimise friction for a smoother ride.


RockShox Pike

Pike Select

RockShox Pike Select

Pike Select +

RockShox Pike Select+

Pike Ultimate

RockShox Pike Ultimate


RockShox Lyrik

RockShox’s most versatile fork in the lineup, the Lyrik brings a perfect range of travel for an all-mountain workhorse whilst giving you the all-critical stiffness and prowess on the descents. Some of the notable changes to the Lyrik for 2022 includes the brand new 35mm chassis that focuses on all-mountain riding to provide stiffness, efficiency and design to suit all riders.

Let’s look closer at the full Lyrik range:

  • Lyrik: The base model Lyrik comes with an updated 35mm chasssis and new Rush RC damper with easy-to-adjust compression and Rebound. The Lyrik also comes with the DebonAir+ air spring for increased air volume to add support throughout the travel, and higher overall ride height for more confidence when things get steep.
  • Lyrik Select: The Lyrik Select comes with the all-new 35mm chassis and the Charger RC damper. On this model you can also grab the the new DebonAir+ spring along with Pressure Relief Valves and Maixma Plush Dynamic for maximum versatility in any situation.
  • Lyrik Select +: Bringing a new lightweight 35mm chassis, the Select + also features the all-new Charger 3 RC damper and the confidence-inspiring DebonAir+ air spring. Also included are Pressure Relief Valves and Maxima Plush Dynamic suspension to reduce friction and enhance performance.
  • Lyrik Ultimate: Featuring a hyper-focused new chassis that’s lighter while still critically stiff to deliver performance. The Ultimate packs in a whole load of industry-leading technology like the new Charger 3 damper and ButterCups plus a new and improved DebonAir+ air spring.


RockShox Lyrik

Lyrik Select

RockShox Lyrik Select

Lyrik Select +

RockShox Lyrik Select+

Lyrik Ultimate

RockShox Lyrik Ultimate


RockShox ZEB

The evolution of the single crown continues to move forward with the RockShox ZEB! Ready to take on the toughest enduro tracks in the world, the ZEB chassis design maximises bushing overlap, decreasing friction and ensuring your fork slides perfectly smoothly. ZEB provides you the confidence to blast through even the most difficult terrain.

Let’s dive in and find out more about the ZEB range:

  • ZEB: Revamped with a stiff 38mm chassis, ZEB is now compatible with new Pressure Relief Valves. Packed with the new, easy-to-adjust Rush RC damper, confidence-inspiring DebonAir+, and Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube.
  • ZEB Select: Designed for the new generation of long travel MTB, the ZEB Select is performance-packed, featuring an updated 38mm chassis which is now upgradeable to new Pressure Relief Valves. RockShox have packed in the Charger RC damper and the new confidence-inspiring DebonAir+ air spring technology.
  • ZEB Select +: This updated model features a stout 38mm chassis with the all-new Charger 3 RC2 damper, new confidence-inspiring DebonAir+ air spring and Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube for more consistency.
  • ZEB Ultimate: The 2022 model of the ZEB Ultimate has been designed with a new 38mm chassis to provide increased stiffness coupled with the new Charger 3 RC2 damper with the vibration killing ButterCups technology. The highest performing ZEB utilises DebonAir+ spring to give you a smooth ride along with the added benefits of Pressure Relief Valves, Maxima Plush Dynamic Lube and Ultimate Bushing Package to help reduce friction and give you the smooth ride possible.



ZEB Select

ZEB Select

ZEB Select +

ZEB Select+

ZEB Ultimate

ZEB Ultimate

RockShox Rear Shocks 2022 – The NEW age of COIL

Not only has the Lyrik, Pike and ZEB all got updates for 2022 but RockShox have focused on the rear of the bike too!

The Deluxe and Super Deluxe range have received new updates including the new DebonAir+ air spring to help maximise its fine-tuning potential, allowing you to tune both the negative and positive air volume to perfectly match your bike and desired ride feel.

Check out the Deluxe and Super Deluxe range:

Deluxe Ultimate

Deluxe Ultimate
  • Adding a luxury touch to trail bikes
  • New DebonAir+ air spring,
  • Castled Bottom out bumper reduces harsh bottom out
  • Rebound adjustment to accommodate more rider types.

Deluxe Select+

Deluxe Select+
  • Lightweight level-up for trail bikes
  • DebonAir+ air spring maximises fine-tuning potential
  • Increased bushing overlap maximises small bump performance and grip.

Deluxe Select

Deluxe Select
  • Proven trail performance
  • Featuring the new DebonAir+ Air Spring
  • Top-of-the-line Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube reduces friction to help maintain traction.

Super Deluxe Ultimate

Super Deluxe Ultimate
  • The most advanced shock from RockShox gets better
  • Featuring the most tunable shock damper – RC2T Damper
  • DebonAir+ air spring maximizes fine-tuning potential.

Super Deluxe Select+

Super Deluxe Select+
  • Loaded with podium proven technology
  • Featuring the all new DebonAir+ air spring!
  • 15 clicks of rebound adjustment
  • Increased bushing overlap.

Super Deluxe Select

Super Deluxe Select
  • Built for enduro epics
  • DebonAir+ air spring maximises fine tuning potential
  • Castled bottom out bumper reduces harsh bottom out.

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