Rachel Atherton talks tech tips and the next decade

Former UCI World Champion and acclaimed downhill specialist Rachel Atherton believes the next wave of women cyclists will be central to the sport’s development over the next ten years.

Speaking to The Hub at a major launch event for the latest Enduro helmets, the 31-year-old said the amount of talent in women’s downhill and enduro was an exciting prospect for the future.

“It’s incredible to see the depth of the women’s field now,” she said. “At the trail centres, when out riding at the weekend, there are so many women out riding now. In the women’s World Cup scene the talent of the women – they’re so fast and good at technical riding.”

Having a bike that fits you and is the perfect tool for what you do is really important

During the interview, Rachel also revealed what she thought were some of the most significant developments in cycling in recent years. And with EWS champion Sam Hill making his debut on 29″ tyres at the most recent stage of the championships, Rachel said the rapid increase in wheel sizes was an innovation few had expected.

“Different wheel sizes is still a big talking point,” Rachel said. “How does each wheel affect each track? I think for some tracks definitely a bigger wheel is 100% better.”

As the first Women’s Elite UCI Downhill World Champion, Rachel is ideally placed to offer advice to competitive riders, and she explained that finding the right bike for you is a vital part of success.

“I believe it’s very important to have the exact right bike for you as a rider,” she said. “Having a bike that fits you and is the perfect tool for what you do is really important and really enhances your riding experience.”
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Picture courtesy of Endura

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