Bike-focused car first in new breed of ‘lifestyle’ SUVs

The latest of a new breed of ‘lifestyle’ SUVs is putting the cyclist at the heart of its design, with an unprecedented focus on two-wheeled travel.

Technologies in the Skoda Velo concept include cycle-centred storage ideas and even a built-in pressure washer, making it the most bike-friendly car ever.
The first-of-its-kind design reveals a change of tact among many car manufacturers struggling with the uncertain future of the car, as environmental concerns and changing transport needs take hold.

A surge in popularity of SUVs is just one example of how tastes are changing and, for many, it’s an indication that modern motorists care less about performance and more about leisure.
Skoda is among the first out of the gate with its response to the new reality of car ownership, releasing a series of lifestyle-focused vehicles, each putting hobbies and interests at the forefront of its designs.
It follows family-focused models by Honda, whose new Odyssey vehicle has screens for the kids and even a built-in vacuum to clean up crumbs and dog hair.

However, Skoda’s Karoq Velo is the one that’ll be pricking the ears of cyclists everywhere.
It follows a number of early concepts by the Czech car-maker, such as the Mountiaq, targeted at outdoor and camping enthusiasts. It featured a 2,000-watt subwoofer, integrated walkie talkies, a concealed bed, and a fridge among other adventure-focused additions.
The Velo, in contrast, is filled with cycle-centred tech, such as a built-in washing machine (pictured above) to clean your clothes after a long day of biking. There’s also an integrated pressure washer, an AI-equipped drone for some social-ready tracking shots, and even a Wi-Fi hotspot so you can upload to Strava when you finish your ride.
There’s also a sliding toolkit (pictured below) for on-location repairs, a cool box for your water bottles, and special storage racks for bikes inside and out.

The Skoda Velo is not in production, with the concept car pictured currently just a one-off, but could this be the first of many bike-orientated car designs?
What do you think of the idea? Let us know in the comments below.

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