New Bike Day

The excitement has been building ever since you hit the order button, now the wait is finally over!

We’ve created this page as a resource to ensure you get the best out of your new bike. Scroll down for all the information you need for new bike day…

First off, have you got everything you need?

Make sure your experience isn’t dampened by lacking the essentials.

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Will my bike arrive built and ready to ride?  

All bikes delivered from Chain Reaction to the UK mainland are assembled and inspected by our qualified technicians. Once built, each bike will undergo a rigorous testing programme before being packed into a custom-made box to ensure maximum protection during transit. You may wish to keep hold of your bike box for storage purposes. Our specialist technicians also perform systematic pre-dispatch quality inspections to ensure our bikes meet the strict standards required. 

Your bike will be delivered pre-built and tuned. However, you may need to make a few simple adjustments to finalise your set-up.

These include: 
• Front wheel – this may have been detached for transit purposes; simply refit the wheel into the fork using the quick-release or thru-axle supplied 
• Handlebar – this may have been rotated or detached for transit purposes; simply refit or rotate the bar to the forward riding position 
• Saddle and seat post – these should be adjusted to your preferred riding position 

Lastly, pop on the pedals and your bike will be ready to ride. 

Full instructions will be included with your bike, along with all the tools you’ll need to get going. 

Please note, children’s balance bikes do not have pedals, while their simple construction means they do not require the same service or pre-dispatch checks as normal bikes. Please note that BMX bikes and balance bikes do not arrive built. Assembly will need to be completed whenever the bike arrives. We would strongly recommend a qualified bicycle mechanic complete a full safety check in this instance.  

Will my bike come with pedals? 

We include a set of basic Lifeline flat pedals, a pedal spanner, and a multi-tool with all of our bikes. Please note that the pedals are included purely so that you can get out on the bike, and we would strongly recommend a set of aftermarket pedals.  

Please also be aware that pedals have a left and right, and incorrectly fitted pedals can cause the threads of the crankarm to strip. Stripped crankarm threads are not covered by your manufacturer’s warranty, and Chain Reaction takes no responsibility for this.

To be certain you’re fitting your pedals correctly, see our guide: Pedal Buying Guide

Will my e-bike arrive fully charged? 

Your e-bike will arrive partially charged, and it is very strongly recommended by the manufacturer that you charge the battery to full power before riding the bike for the first time.  

How do I charge my e-bike?  

This varies between different brands of bike, and different manufacturers of e-bike motors. The first aspect to determine is whether your e-bike’s battery is removable, or if it is designed to remain in the bike frame for charging. We recommended consulting the manufacturer’s website to determine how to charge your bike.  

How do I set the correct saddle height for my bicycle? 

Sit on the saddle of the bicycle and place your heel upon the pedal body at the six o’clock position (bottom of the pedal stroke). Adjust your saddle height so that when sitting in this position, your leg is completely straight.

Then, move your foot backwards on the pedal body and into a comfortable pedalling position (i.e, where your foot will naturally be positioned – normally close to the ball of your foot). Ensure that there is a slight bend at your knee of about 15 degrees.  

Will my bike come with a dropper seatpost?

Be sure to check the spec page for the bike you have purchased to determine if it will arrive with a dropper seatpost. If your bike has arrived and you would like to add a dropper post, but aren’t sure where to start, drop us a message and we can advise on compatibility.  

My bike has arrived, and there is a mechanical issue. What do I do?  

Oh no, we can’t have that so please get in touch with us, and we can help you out. Drop us a message by contacting us on email or live chat.  

Will my bike be set up tubeless prior to delivery?  

No, we do not set up tubeless tyres as part of the build process. Tubeless compatibility varies between models; please consult the specification page of the bike you have purchased to determine if the model is tubeless compatible.  

How do I locate the frame number on my bike?  

Your frame number is a unique sequence of numbers/letters that can identify your bicycle in the event of theft. Frame number locations can vary based on the type of bike. Please see the list below for the most common locations.  

Underneath the bottom bracket (where your pedals and crankarms go). This will likely necessitate turning the bike upside down to view. This is the most common location. Behind the seat-tube. 

E-bikes – if the bike has a removable battery, the frame number can often be found underneath the battery housing.  

We do not keep a record of frame numbers on bikes that we sell, so please ensure you make a note of it whenever your bike arrives.

Will my brakes be the correct way around when the bike arrives?  

For UK customers, brakes will be orientated with the front brake on the right, and the rear brake on the left.  

For European, US and Canadian customers, brakes are set up with the front brake on the left, and the rear brake on the right.   

I’ve ordered some additional accessories with my bike; will these be fitted to the bike prior to arrival?  

Unfortunately, we don’t fit accessories to bikes as part of the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) process. Any additional components ordered alongside the bike will arrive in a separate order.  

Now your bike is all ready to go – check out some first ride advice on the Hub

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Send us your photos – we’d love to hear how you’re getting on with your new bike!

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