The Crazy One: Megavalanche 2022

The Megavalanche is a race like no other!

Starting at the top of Alpe d’Huez, riders descend 2600 metres over 37km of trails to make this – the Megavalanche – the longest and craziest mass-start enduro race in the world!

Megavalanche - Photo: Laurence Crossman Ems

What is the Megavalanche?

One of the most iconic mass start enduro races in the world, the Megavalanche is a ride not to be missed. This year’s event takes place from 27 June to 3 July.

Since 1995, thousands of riders have taken to the start line on top of the famous ‘Pic Blanc’ in the French ski resort of Alpe d’Heuz. The mass start goes from 3330 metres high on the glacier and finishes in Allemond – 2600 metres down!

The Mega is known for its fast speeds and winding turns over varying terrain. The course is built to slow riders down around tight turns and the width of the glacier is used as the race’s start line to spread the riders out – sometimes with catastrophic consequences!

The event itself follows a three day format:

  • Practice Day: A chance for riders to familiarise themselves with the awesome course.
  • Qualifiers: Riders take to the line for qualifying races consisting of heats with around 250 others.
  • Race Day: The big day! The top 25 riders from each qualifier take to the start and only one can be crowned the winner.
Top Speed

Top Speed: 125KM/H


Descent: 2600m

Winning Time

Winning Time (2019): 39:03


Location : Alpe d’Huez


Distance: 37KM


Competitors: 2700

Highlights from this year’s event

Check out some of our top picks from the weekend of madness at Megavalanche 2022.

Need any inspiration to ride Megavalanche in 2023? Check out the photos below [click to expand]!

Crash compilation from Megavalanche 2022!

Keep protected at Megavalanche!

The Evolution of the Nukeproof Mega

The Evolution of the Nukeproof Mega

Not only is the Megavalanche one of the world’s most iconic mountain bike races – it’s also inspired one of racing’s most successful enduro bikes, the Nukeproof Mega.

A bike designed to conquer the slopes of Alpe d’Huez, the Nukeproof Mega was born to take on the most incredible terrain in the world, as fast as possible!

Launched by Nukeproof in 2011, the original Mega was ahead of its time and helped springboard the design of modern mountain bikes. The Nukeproof Mega was designed with a fairly steep seat angle, pretty slack head angle, and was really a bike designed as a mini downhill, but do-it-all machine.

The 2011 version of the Nukeproof Mega was built with 150mm of travel on the rear and 160mm of travel on the front and fitted with 26″ alloy wheels!

Nukeproof Mega V2

Developed and launched in 2013 the Nukeproof Mega V2 had some significant upgrades. The most significant was the change to 27.5” wheels which to this day is considered one of the most versatile wheel size options available.

A single-pivot bike with 160mm of travel on the front and rear combined with a bigger cassette saw the Mega V2 becoming the ultimate enduro bike for its time.

Another significant upgrade on the V2 included a dropper seatpost, opening up the bike to a wider range of riding without having to manually move the seat post up and down when tackling trails.

Nukeproof Mega V3

Enduro World Series machine to the present day!

Step forward to 2015 and the creation of a bike that needs no introduction! The Nukeproof Mega V3 is the most successful bike ever built by Nukeproof, winning three Enduro World Series titles with Sam Hill from 2017-2019 and with Elliott Heap also winning the Junior Classification in 2018 on the Mega V3.

Constructed with a carbon front triangle and an alloy rear triangle; with 165mm of rear travel and 170mm of front travel. Running a bigger 50-tooth cassette, the Mega V3 was the most versatile bike in the range improving on the previous generations to create an enduro beast.

Nukeproof Mega V4

Nukeproof Mega V4

The fourth generation of the Mega has seen significant development to meet the demands of enduro and all-mountain riders and racers.

Years of evolution have combined to make this the ultimate enduro bike. With the option of a carbon or alloy frame, the Mega V4 is available with either 27.5” or 29” wheels.

Both alloy and carbon frames feature a newly revised suspension layout with improved suspension, and have been optimised to pedal as efficiently as possible. The 27.5” frame has 165mm of travel and the 29” offers 160mm, both with 170mm suspension forks.

We’re excited to see what the future holds for the Nukeproof Mega…!

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