Is this the bike tyre of the future?

Bridgestone has announced its developing a tyre that many of us can only dream of, as it’ll be 100% punture proof!

Puncture-hating cyclists rejoice! Bridgestone has announced its intention to develop a no-air tyre which they could be ready to ride by 2019.

Using the company’s own ‘Air Free Concept’, which was developed to be used primarily on motor cars, the tyre is made using a unique pattern of resin-based spokes stretching along the inner sides of the tyres.

Not only do these tyres eliminate the risk of punctures, they’re less wasteful that traditional designs – with their thermoplastic resin construction able to be recycled back into new tyres.

We have a few questions…

  • Will the new Air Free Concept bike tyre only be developed for city-style bikes? – think how much more reliable the bikes on city bike hire schemes will be!
  • Is it being designed for mountain bikes too? How do these things corner…?
  • What happens when stuff gets caught in those spokes?!
  • Any enduro-specific models in the pipeline?

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