First Look: Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Pedals


Wahoo have released their long awaited pedal-based power meter, the POWRLINK ZERO. This follows on from their success with the SPEEDPLAY ZERO pedal system.

Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO pedals at a glance:

  • Long lasting, rechargeable battery
  • Temperature compensation and automatic calibration
  • Power accuracy within 1%
  • Dual-sided entry
  • Useful insight into power distribution


The POWRLINK ZERO is built around the legendary SPEEDPLAY ZERO pedal system, which has a large and loyal following. The POWRLINK ZERO is available in both single-sided and dual sided options.

“Wahoo has always been at the forefront of providing athletes with accurate, reliable power data with our KICKR series of indoor smart trainers.”

Katie DuPree – POWRLINK ZERO product manager

Man Riding Vitus Outdoors

Bringing the indoors, outdoors!

With the advent of indoor training using apps like Zwift, more riders are beginning to understand the benefits of power meters. Thanks to components like the POWRLINK ZERO, tracking your performance is no longer limited to indoor smart training.

You can now get out and enjoy all the benefits of outdoor training while tracking how much energy you are putting through your pedals. This data can help you target precise effort levels through your training zones as well as being able to identify changes in your fitness levels in order for you to track improvements.

Important Specs

Product Specs Dual-SidedSingle-Sided
Weight 276g250g
Dimensions 3.9″ x 2″3.9″ x 2″
Power Measurement Dual Sided PowerLeft Sided Power
Battery TypeRechargeable Lithium BatteryRechargeable Lithium Battery
Q-Factor / Stack Height55mm / 13mm55mm / 13mm
Bearing TypeSealed BearingsSealed Bearings

Key Features and Benefits

Left And Right POWRlINK ZERO

Total Power

The Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO boasts power accuracy within 1%. As a result of this power accuracy you know you are undoubtedly getting the best results. In addition, with the dual sided POWRLINK ZERO riders can get insight into left / right power balance leading to improved efficiency.


Lasting Power / Rechargeable Battery

With a battery life of up to 75+ hours the POWRLINK ZERO will subsequently last them longer rides outdoors. With a simple charge system, low power warnings will be issued on the ELEMNT bike computers, Wahoo fitness App alongside LED indicators on the Pod.


Temperature Compensation / Automatic Calibration

In addition to battery power, the POWRLINK ZERO will continue to provide accurate power within a range of temperatures. The pedals automatically calibrate to the ambient temperature at the start of your ride.


Left – Right Balance

The dual-sided sensors in the POWRLINK ZERO pedals provide insight into your power distribution. This data can be invaluable for measuring improvements in your pedal stroke efficiency.

Key Features

Total Power YesNo
Cadence YesYes
Automatic Calibration YesYes
Water Resistance IPX7IPX7
LED Indicators YesYes

Powerful Connections

You can connect your POWRLINK ZERO to compatible devices and training apps via Bluetooth or ANT+ with up to three simultaneous Bluetooth connections.


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