First Look: Velo5D from Chain Reaction Cycles

You may have thought that smart trainers and online interactive platforms had changed indoor training forever, but you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Introducing Velo5D, a revolutionary cycling pod like no other, that awakens your senses as you cycle, enveloping you in the sights, sounds, smells and tactile sensations of an outdoor ride straight from your home.

What is it?

The Velo5 D ecosystem starts with the VeloChamber – a fully immersive indoor riding pod packed with tech to make your indoor rides mimic the outdoors.

Designed and developed by the Chain Reaction Cycles FutureRide boffins, the VeloChamber comes with A 3-D screen and compatible goggles to throw you into a ride like never before and the brains behind the whole system is the Velo ATMOS pod which contains:

  • Built in speakers- to give you all the oral pleasure you’d expect out on a normal road ride
  • VeloSmell- bringing you all the smells of the outdoors
  • Atmospheric weather like conditions including mist, fog and everything up to gale force winds
  • VeloArm- that can attach to any smart trainer and works seamlessly with your riding platforms, shaking and rocking your bike over every bump, cobble and pothole.
  • VeloWet- an integrated indoor rain device to add a soaking realism to your ride!

Other items in the Velo5D ecosystem include indoor outdoor riding wear, add-on sound pack and indoor helmet and indoor nutrition.

Immerse yourself in an indoor riding experience like no other – this is Velo5D from Chain Reaction Cycles

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