First look: Tacx Boost turbo trainer

Tacx Boost in action

This is the Tacx Boost turbo trainer, an easy-to-setup indoor trainer which is perfect for the cold winter months and getting involved in the world of interactive training platforms like Zwift.  

It’s available in two options – the standard Tacx Boost option or the Tacx Boost Bundle option, which comes with a speed sensor to track your rides and allows you to use it easily with the likes of Zwift.

A powerful basic trainer, the Tacx Boost has a forceful magnetic brake that means you can get the most out of your indoor rides – whether you’re riding along to YouTube workouts or taking on the virtual world of Zwift.  

See the trainer in action:

The Tacx Boost allows you to control the resistance via a handlebar lever; the higher the position, the more resistance. It’s a robust and stable trainer that’s easy to setup – with just two simple clicks, you’re ready to ride.  

The relatively large flywheel generates a realistic ride feel, and it comes with a closed resistance unit to reduce noise. The included multifunctional front wheel support ensures not only a natural cycling position, it also serves as a handle to carry the trainer. 

Tacx Boost main features 

  • Powerful magnetic brake 
  • Manually control resistance – 10 resistance levels, up to 1,050 watts 
  • Experience a realistic ride feel generated by an actual flywheel (1.65 kg or 3.64 lbs) 
  • Enjoy quieter training sessions, thanks to a closed resistance unit that reduces noise  
  • Increased stability with included multifunctional front wheel support 

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