First Look: Leatt 2021 Mountain Bike Helmets

Leatt have released details of their 2021 mountain bike helmet range which offer maximum comfort and safety whether you’re riding trails, enduro races or downhill.

First Look: Leatt 2021 Mountain Bike Helmets
Large ventilated channels

First up all the helmets in the 2021 range feature Leatt’s 360 Turbine technology to reduce rotation acceleration and concussion level impact energy to your head and brain. Basically if you crash, and we all crash at some point, this technology will reduce the impact on your head.

Other neat features of these helmets is the removable and washable inner liner which is also moisture wicking, breathable and has anti-odour properties to keep you comfortable on long hot days.

The visors for all the 2021 helmets have a breakaway function for additional rotational impact force reduction. To improve your comfort, all of the helmets have been designed with superior ventilation and for the 8.0 Gravity, 4.0 Enduro, and the 4.0 All Mountain this has been optimised to provide ventilation at even slow speeds.

Let’s take a look at each of the helmets in a bit more detail!

The 4.0 Enduro

The 4.0 full face helmet was much loved but this Enduro takes the 4.0 to the next level with unique features that make it unlike any other helmet currently available.

Leatt 4.0 Enduro

The 4.0 Enduro MTB helmet features a removable mouthpiece which can protect your face for downhill blasts or can be removed for maximum ventilation on tough climbs.

Leatt's removable chinbar

The chinbar can be easily detached or reattached with the solid stainless steel latch. This is one of the most exciting features of the 4.0 Enduro and makes it versatile for any style of MTB riding. Wearing gloves? No problem as the 4.0 Enduro features a Fidlock magnetic closure system will secure your helmet for a safe and comfortable ride.

If you prefer to wear goggles or sunglasses whilst riding then this helmet has got the features for you. The universal sunglasses dock means that you can safely store your sunglasses under the visor when you’re not wearing them and they will be protected from scratches and unwanted impacts. If you’re a fan of goggles then the adjustable visor will open up and create enough room for you to store your goggles underneath.

The 4.0 Enduro has in-moulded EPS + EPP impact foam for superior energy absorption. This helmet is fully ASTM DH certified making it to go to helmet for enduro riders!

The 4.0 All Mountain

The 4.0 All Mountain has been optimised to keep you cool at slower speeds and similar to the 4.0 Enduro, this helmet also contains a sunglasses docking port and adjustable visor for your goggles to be placed underneath.

Both of these features should protect your eyewear from scratches and impact when you are not wearing them. The Fidlock buckle system is also featured on this helmet making taking your helmet off whilst wearing gloves an easy task.

Leatt 4.0 helmet all-mountain version

This helmet also features in-moulded EPS and EPP impact foam for the best energy absorption in bad crashes.

The 1.0 Gravity

If you’re looking for great protection without the need for all the fancy features then the 1.0 Gravity is for you. This is a full face helmet with Leatt’s 360 Turbine Technology ensuring that you are protected on every ride. The 1.0 Gravity is designed to be lightweight but is also equipped with ASTM Downhill certification. Although it is full face, this helmet is also optimised for use in conjunction with a neck brace should you choose to wear one.

Leatt 4.0 helmet

The 8.0 Gravity

The 8.0 is a full face helmet which balances rider comfort and safety to inspire confidence in your rides. Featuring the ProFit modulating comfort liner which stretches over your head to provide superior comfort and stability even on the roughest terrain. This helmet was also designed for optimal neck brace compatibility if you choose to wear one your movement won’t be restricted.

What else sets this full face helmet apart from the rest? Well, it has emergency cheek pad removal and is hydration ready with an optional hands free kit. Overall this full face helmet is designed to maximise your comfort during a ride without compromising on safety. Additionally this helmet has motorcycle impact certification for those very hard crashes!

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