First Look: Garmin fēnix 7 Multisport Watch

Garmin have released a new multisport watch, the Garmin fēnix 7, designed to give you a performance advantage no matter what sport you’re doing.

An updated version of the Garmin fēnix 6, which many consider to be one of the best multi-sport smartwatches money can buy, the fēnix 7 continues to provide performance and adventure tracking, as well as GPS-based mapping to almost any outdoor activity, and has some new updates that could make it the best smartwatch on the market.

Garmin fēnix 7 multisport watch at a glance:

  • Adventure tracking for nearly every outdoor activity,
  • Scratch resistant screens made from Power Sapphire lenses,
  • Incredible battery life with up to 37 days of charge,
  • Equipped with power glass for on the go solar charging,
  • Ideal for everyday life with smart notifications and Garmin Pay.

Let’s take a look at those key features to see if this watch is the perfect addition to your daily life.


Garmin fēnix 7

The seventh update of the fēnix watch comes with some top-end features that optimise your performance data. To suit everyone’s needs, Garmin have released a three models within the fēnix 7 range to suit wrist size…

Garmin fēnix 7S

1.2″ display

Garmin fēnix 7

1.3″ display

Garmin fēnix 7X

1.4″ display

Power Sapphire lenses are used in all of the watches, ensuring that the screens are scratch-resistant – ideal for protecting your watch face from everyday mistakes and collisions both on and off the bike. The fēnix 7 also features an always-on display, allowing you to see information on your watch even when it isn’t fully awake.

There are two methods for navigating the watch: Each of the models use a highly responsive touchscreen providing a quick and easy way to get to your menus. If you don’t like that, the tried-and-tested button controls that work in any environment will come in handy. Those buttons will prove to be helpful if you’re riding your bike and your gloves aren’t touchscreen compatible.

Training and Tracking

As you might expect, this watch is ideal for assisting you in taking your training to the next level. Featuring endurance and real-time stamina tracking, training status, advanced performance metrics, and over 30 built-in sports apps – meaning that no matter what sport you enjoy – the fēnix 7 range will help you improve by providing the best data.

Other key features:

  • 24-hour health and wellness monitoring,
  • Wrist-based heart rate monitoring,
  • Stress and sleep tracking,
  • Pulse Ox (Blood oxygen level monitor).

You can still carry the fēnix 7 with you on days when you’re not training with connected features including smart notifications, music storage, and Garmin Pay contactless payments.

Battery Life

Training and Tracking

The battery life of the fēnix 7 is a key selling point! In order to power the large display and a watch with so many capabilities, fēnix 7 contains not only a hefty battery, but also a revolutionary power glass lens that transforms sunlight into battery power.

It’s worth noting that solar charging isn’t meant to be your primary charging source; rather, it’s meant to help you extend your battery life and get the most out of your watch.

The solar intensity is displayed on the watch face when solar charging. Garmin advises against using a screen protector on a Garmin Solar Watch Face because it reduces solar intensity.

Battery Life Garmin fēnix 7S Garmin fēnix 7 Garmin fēnix 7X
Indoor Charge11 days18 days28 days
Solar Charging Mode14 days22 days37 days
GPS Mode40 hours62 hours96 hours
GPS Mode (Solar Charge)51 hours81 hours135 hours

Why the Garmin fēnix 7 is perfect for cycling

The Garmin fēnix 7 can do almost everything a Garmin Edge can. A single button press begins recording your ride – and it’s just as simple to stop. You can either use Garmin Connect on your computer or phone to upload a pre-programmed course to the watch that you can then follow. You can also download maps using the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity without the need for a computer.

The watch provides turn-by-turn navigation, which is ideal if you’re out for a long ride or if you get lost and need to find your way back to familiar roads. If you veer off course, the fēnix 7 warns you and reroutes you to get back on track.

Once you’ve completed your ride, you can easily upload your stats to Strava or other training apps using Garmin Connect.

Mountain Bikers Assemble

Mountain Bikers Assemble

The fēnix 7 has two unique features designed exclusively for mountain bikers: Flow and Grit.

Flow measures how well you maintain speed throughout a bike ride by taking into account factors like ascent, descent, and elevation. It measures how well you can maintain your speed while riding your bike considering elements like ascent, descent, and turn angle. Lower flow score indicates a smoother ride, whereas a higher number indicates a ride with more speed changes and stops.

Grit assesses the total difficulty of a ride by taking into account aspects like the rate of ascent and descent, as well as the angle of turns. It’s also crucial to reflect on how difficult or easy the journey was. The more grit you have, the more difficult the ride will be – and vice versa.

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