Weird and wonderful tech from Eurobike 2022

Eurobike 2022: Weird and Wonderful Tech

We’ve just returned from Eurobike 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany. Arguably the world’s biggest cycle trade show where we went on a mission to show you the newest and weirdest bike tech coming this year.

Maxxis MTB Tyre Range 2023

Maxxis showed off their new range of 2023 MTB tyres at Eurobike this year. With no significant updates to the likes of the Assegai, Dissector and Minon range but a huge update to the Forekaster. Maxxis have repurposed the Forekaster tyre to become a downcountry (downhill and cross-country) tyre by reducing rolling resistance whilst maintaining grip. The new Forekaster is designed with taller side knobs for added grip and mud clearing ridges on the tyre casing.

Check out the full range here:

Nicolai Bikes

Nicolai bikes are a German bicycle manufacturer and it’s safe to say they make some of the more unusual bikes in the world!

Eboxx Ultra - Eurobike 2022

Eboxx Ultra

The 55-65kg (yes – that isn’t a typo) e-bike is one designed by Nicolai to ‘bridge the gap’ between e-mtb and e-motorbikes. Created using mountain bike geometry the Eboxx Ultra comes in a range of battery sizes with the unrestricted Eboxx Ultra MX capable of reaching speeds up to 65km/h.

Is this just taking mountain biking too far?

Nucleon 16 - Eurobike 2022

Nucleon 16

The high-pivot 29″ enduro bike which with a new shifting technology – the Supre Drivetrain. The high-pivot bike is designed to be a rowdy enduro machine by using the revolutionary drivetrain that separates the two functions of a rear derailleur – shifting and tensioning – to improve reliability and efficiency while riding.

Utilising a 14-speed ROHLOFF gearbox the Nucleon can still offer a 510% range over a 12-speed cassette.

This is certainly an eye-catching setup – is it one we may see more off in the future?

Noteworthy for 2023

World's first ABS for bikes

World’s first ABS for bikes

Magura and Bosch have come together to create the world’s first mass produced ABS system for e-bikes!

Ultimate snow bike

Ultimate snow bike

Faster bikes have developed this unique looking conversion kit that turns your mountain bike from a trail machine to a snow monster.

Weird Tech at Eurobike 2022

Eurobike 2022 is home to almost 1500 exhibitors showing off their latest and greatest products; some however look a little more strange than others. This is just some of the awesomely weird products we seen.

Closca Circ Foldable Helmet
Evoc Commute A.I.R Pro Backpack
Quoc Clipless Chelsea Boot
Penny-farthing powered by Swytch

Bike Gallery

There was plenty of bikes on display at Eurobike 2022, from futuristic prototypes to incredibly light mountain bikes and everything in between we weren’t going to pass up the opportunity to take a few shots of some awesome bikes.

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