Days of Dirt

We’re a community of trail shredders who live for the rush of flying down the trails. Join us as we celebrate all things mountain bike trails – from those who help to build and maintain them, to those of us who just love getting out on our bikes.

So grab your bike and head to the trails with Days of Dirt!

Trail of the Year 2023 🌲

You’re the experts – the people that hit the trails week-in-week-out. We want to hear from you as we look to find the Trail of the Year 2023. It can be a local forest or a trail centre, whichever trails you get the most enjoyment out of.

Vote below for your favourite trail and if you don’t see it, add your own submission in the ‘Other’ section.

📸 from the Trails

Share your trail pics to get featured! Tag us on Instagram and Facebook.

Let’s go trail hunting ⛰️

Struggling to find new trails near you? Or looking to go somewhere a bit more epic? Check out the trails near you with the Trailforks widget below.

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Roost Corner

Roost Corner 🐓

roost /ruːst/ verb (of a mountain bike) a term used for dirt thrown up from the rear wheel. It often happens as you come into a corner fast and brake allowing the bike wheel to skid out and flicking dirt everywhere. “did you see the way they roosted that corner?!”

Send us your Roost for a chance to be featured.

Check out some of the Roosts already locked in.

Ridden by us

Lauren's top picks

Lauren’s top picks

Each week one of our Chain Reaction community members will be choosing a few products that they’re currently loving at the trails.

This week we’ve got our Chief Creator, Lauren.

How good can I get in 30 Days?

How good can I get in 30 Days?

Like many of us, Lauren wants to take her MTB skills to another level so, as the new year rolls in Lauren has set herself a challenge.

Join her each week as she looks to become a machine on two wheels.

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