A Fresh New Look

A Fresh New Look

You might have noticed we’ve made some changes to the way we look.
A brand new logo, new font and even some bright new colours.

[Please note that you can find the ecommerce site here]

We’re still enthusiastic and knowledgeable about all things bike.
We’re still ambitious. We still love our community. We still want cyclists
all over the world to think of ‘Chain Reaction’ when they think bikes.

So that’s why our ambition is to build an experience and a brand rooted in the joy of buying for bikes. We want to recognise, celebrate and even create more of that joy across all of our channels. It’s why we’ve put a tiny Emoji of a bicycle at the end of this line. 🚵‍♀️🚲😃

We May Look Different, But We Are The Same Company.

Welcome to the new Chain Reaction. #NextChapter

Changing it up.

Everything you need to know about our new look.

Our New Brand Values

From Chain Reaction Cycles to Chain Reaction

The name has become a victim of our own success. Customers say CRC or Chain Reaction.

NOBODY says Chain Reaction Cycles anymore as EVERYONE knows who we are.
Just like no-one says Premier League Football. Everyone says: The Premier League.

We don’t need .com because we’re a website.

We don’t need cycles because everyone knows we’re a cycling brand AND we have CHAIN in our title.
If we reduce the words the logo is easier to understand and more modern.

New Colours…

We’ve reimagined our colour palette…

New Font…

Red Hat is our brand new font.

…and A New Logo!

Adding some Joy

So why the new look?
Why not keep the old logo everyone recognises after all of these years?

We strive to be the best. To bring joy to every shopping experience.
So we felt we should put some more joy and excitement into our look and feel.

We feel it on the inside. So why not show it on the outside?

A brand isn’t just a logo

It’s created and delivered in everything we do and how we all behave.
From the boxes we deliver in, to the customer service we give, to how easy it is to find what you need on our site.
This logo helps to define who we are, why we do what we do, how we behave, how we look and how we talk.

Welcome to Chain Reaction.

How it comes together…

Some of our mockups to show our colourful new approach

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