5 things we are looking forward to in 2022

5 things we’re looking forward to in 2022

It may already be February, and winter is drawing to a close; this makes us wonder what we can look forward to in 2022!

Why not challenge yourself in 2022 to a new off road adventure or treating yourself to a brand new bike? Perhaps watch one of the biggest races in the world or ride up that climb you’ve only seen on the TV?

In this article we reveal the 5 things we are looking forward to in 2022…

Sportives are back

Sportives are back!

Last year we managed to get a few sportives back but we can only hope for a full sportive schedule in 2022.

The joy of riding with friends and total strangers on some of the world’s most beautiful cycling routes; sportives deliver the true sense of community that cycling is all about.

Events such as RideLondon, Dragon Ride and the Fred Whitton Challenge all set to go ahead in the UK in 2022. Perhaps a few sportives in Europe will get the go ahead too!

Cycling innovation

Cycling innovation

In 2021, we saw several exciting concepts come to life, such as RockShox’s new Flight Attendant system, which alters the suspension for you wirelessly, and new gravel-specific groupsets.

As 2022 comes around we can be assured there will be some new and exciting products coming out. Is there going to be a new or upgraded groupset from Shimano or SRAM? Are we going to see more 13-speed groupsets released? The fascinating part is that we know something will happen, but when will it happen and what will it be?

A full racing calendar

A full racing calendar 🤞

From the Tour de France to the Enduro World Series, let’s hope for a complete race programme in 2022. We got a near-perfect race calendar for the ups and downs of 2021, but we can only hope that all racing can take place in 2022.

New races coming in 2022 is also an exciting prospect. The first ever Tour de France Femmes stage event will be held the week following the men’s Tour de France in 2022! We’re ecstatic to finally see some of the top female cyclists compete in a stage race at the world’s largest cycling event!

Bikepacking adventures

Bikepacking adventures

As foreign travel has been more restricted in recent years, bikepacking has become a popular adventure for many. A simple concept: just strap supplies to your bike, such as clothing and a tent, and off you go.

In 2022, we can see this becoming one of the most popular ways for an adventure on your bike. When it comes to bikepacking, the world is your oyster as gravel bikes continue to evolve into lightweight carrying machines and road bikes are turned into adventure cruisers.

Where do you want to go on your bikepacking adventure?

New bikes

New bikes!

Every year we know there are going to be new bikes in the pipeline, which we obviously love. When we come into the new year however we get a sense of excitement at the thought of new bikes coming.

Will there be new groupsets, updated geometry, or maybe a new colourway? The possibilities for what manufacturers will release in 2022 are endless, but we are thrilled to see them all!

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