10 Lies You Tell Yourself When You Are Riding

Checking for excuses?
Checking for excuses?

From persuading yourself that you don’t need to buy that bike to fully exploit your potential to promising your friends that you’ll make the club run just to cancel due to bad weather. We’ve all heard the excuses that cyclists make, and we’ve created our own list of the top 10 lies you tell yourself when you’re riding.

1/ Carbon makes me go faster up hills

Unfortunately, there is no hiding on a hill, you may be telling your legs to keep going or blaming the bike, however when you’re hanging your head and staring at the bike between your legs it may not be the bike that is the issue. 

Yes, a carbon bike will certainly help you go faster but when it comes to going uphill there is nothing better than getting miles in the legs and the fitness levels up first before buying that new carbon bike. 

2/ There’s only one small climb left! 

We have all been on one of those rides that we just wish was over! When your friend shouts to tell you there is only one small climb left but forgot to say it’s 7 miles long at a horrendous gradient; you may be forgiven for not being the happiest rider in the bunch at the top of it. 

There's only one small climb left! 

3/ If it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen

There’s nowhere to hide on Strava. When you finally grab that KOM/QOM that you’ve always been after or you’ve recorded your new fastest average speed, but you forgot to save it to Strava, then who is to say it happened? As many of us love to record our rides, many of us also forget to hit start after that coffee break, so just double-check before you set off.  

4/ You weren’t scared riding that drop or jump? 

Riding jumps and drops can test your skill, commitment, and bravery on the mountain bike, and there’s always bragging rights and competition amongst a group of pals to show you’re not afraid to ride a new drop or jump. You might put your brave face on and have a crack at the jump or drop, we all know you’re a tiny bit scared inside, right? 

You weren’t scared riding that drop or jump? 

5/ I don’t have the right tyres for these conditions

Have you ever crashed in front of your mates? What’s your excuse when you pick yourself up off the ground? For many of us, we’ll get up and inspect the bike making sure it’s ok but also thinking of the perfect excuse. Many a time we blame the tyres – wrong compound and tread pattern for that trail and not that your skills just lacked going into that corner? 

6/ Today is an easy day 

We’ve all told ourselves at some point that today will be an easy day. Once you get out and get your legs spinning you soon realise that you feel ok, and your competitive side shows. Suddenly you’re sprinting for those 30 mph road signs or getting down a trail as fast as possible.  

Today is an easy day

7/ The weather doesn’t look good 

Are you only a fair-weather rider? It’s common to blame the weather for not getting out on the bike, but you don’t want to be the first in your group to make the call that the weather is just too horrible for the weekend ride. You’re just waiting for someone else to call it off, aren’t you! 

8/ I’m on a rest/recovery day 

You’re struggling to keep up with your mates on the first climb of the ride and rather than admit you’re just lacking the fitness; a common excuse is to say you’re on a rest or recovery day. But you’re not going to admit you are recovering from one too many drinks the night before and you have a hangover but just too much riding the day before. 

I'm not obsessed with mountain biking

9/ I’m not obsessed with mountain biking; I could stop any time I want 

I’m not addicted to mountain biking, I could quit any time I want! This is a common response when questioned about how much time you spend mountain biking. It’s hard to admit to being as obsessed with mountain biking as we truly are. We live and breathe it, dream about new bikes in our sleep, spend all day window shopping on Chain Reaction, swiping Instagram of your favourite pro riders. 

10/ I stopped to take a photo 

You’ve busted yourself getting up this climb, but don’t want to let your friends know you’re gasping for air. Upon getting to the top, you decide the best way to get that breather is to take your phone out and get yourself some of that much-needed recovery time. 

Are you guilty of any of these? What would be on your 10 lies you tell yourself when you’re riding? Leave a comment on our social media!

Tom Adams

Tom is a bike enthusiast! Originally a mountain biker, Tom enjoys going fast on two wheels, whether it's on the road or on the gravel, mountain bike or commuting! Tom has been riding bikes for almost 18 years and loves nothing more than getting out on the roads or trails and testing out the newest and most innovative things on the Chain Reaction website!

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