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Install a tubeless MTB wheelset

Thinking about installing a tubeless MTB wheelset? Here’s a step-by-step guide. We’ve outlined the major steps below, followed by a video showing everything you need to do for a successful installation.

Step 1: Mount the UST tubeless valves  

  • Hand tighten the valve lock-ring.  
  • Check the correct positioning of the o-rings.  
  • [To ensure a perfect seal that lasts, change the UST valve at least once a year, and regularly check its condition.] 

Step 2: UST Tyre mounting and locking of the beads  

  • Insert the first bead in the bottom of the rim  
  • Insert the second bead by beginning at the point opposite the valve – and finishing at the valve.  
  • Place the tyre beads on either side of the valve.  

In order to ensure that the beads are perfectly lodged in the bottom of the rim channel, slightly rotate the tyre round the rim. Never use tyre levers or any other tool to mount the tyre, as this could result in damaging the seal between tyre and rim.  

Step 3 – Inflate the UST tyre  

Pump up the tyre until the beads are locked into place. When inflating, you may hear several popping noises; this is the sound of tyre locking into position.  

Verify that the position of centring band on the tyre sidewall is evenly distributed in relation to the top of the rim circumference. In order to ensure that the beads are correctly seated, you should deflate the tyre completely and verify that the beads stay locked in place. If not, go through the inflation process again.  

Re-inflate the tyre according to your needs and the conditions.  

How to install a tubeless MTB wheelset video:

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