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Install a new suspension fork

Nukeproof Scout

We upgraded the suspension fork on a Nukeproof Scout Sport as part of our recent Project Upgrade series. We installed an epic RockShox Pike RCT3 on this hardtail!

These are the steps we took!

  1. Remove current fork

    1. Start off by removing the wheel. Undo the axle and put the wheel and the axle to one side.
    2. Right now remove the brake
    a. Release the brake cable from the cable guide
    b. Undo the brake caliper, undoing each bolt evenly.
    Top tip: zip tie bolts together on the caliper so you don’t lose it all
    3. Next we need to remove the stem and handlebar
    a. Undo the headset top cap
    b. Now loosen the stem pinch bolts
    We’re ready to take the fork out
    4. Just loosen fork, holding the spacers and top headset cap
    5. Let handlebar hang gently
    6. Let fork out of the headtube

  2. Install new fork

    1. Firstly you need to measure the steerer length on the old fork to match the new one. Or decide the length yourself. Ours is 185mm
    2. Mark the length on the new fork where you’re going to cut
    3. Now cut the fork to the desired length using a saw guide and a hacksaw
    4. Smooth the edges of steerer tube with a file – otherwise known as deburring
    5. Now you need to install the star nut .Insert star nut into star nut installer. Set starnut installer onto steerer tube. Strike the installer – the sound will change once you’ve sent the starnut home. Once the star nut is in unscrew star nut installer
    6. Remove the crown race from your old fork (if it’s a split race)
    7. Install crown race onto new fork – we like to line up the slot on the crown race with slot on top crown of fork
    8. Put top cap onto head tube
    9. Now hold the handlebar ready to receive steerer
    10. Grease the crown race
    11. Insert fork through bottom of headtube
    12. Add spacers
    13. Slip the stem on
    14. Screw the stem top cap on loosely

  3. Add brake

    1. Undo zip tie on caliper
    2. Screw caliper onto new fork loosely
    3. Undo cable hose guide on fork and install hose tightly

  4. Install wheel

    1. Undo axle
    2. Insert new wheel
    3. Tighten axle

  5. Align brake

    1. These Pikes are 180 mount direct – the old forks are 160 mount – we took off the spacer from the old fork so the brakes fit properly
    2. This bit is done by eye and you need to align the disc brake rotor so there’s equal daylight either side and no rubbing

  6. Setup cockpit

    1. Take bike out of stand
    2. Straighten your handlebar by eye
    3. Tighten top cap bolt – just nip it up, don’t overtighten it
    4. Tighten stem pinch bolts – go back and forth between the two, tightening them up evenly

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