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Fix Your Mountain Bike at the Trailside – Hacks and Hints

Fix Your Mountain Bike at the Trailside

In this series, Oli (Team Chain Reaction Cycles, Team Mechanic) gives you the ultimate guide to fixing any issues you may have when out on a ride. Sometimes your luck just may not be in, but with these handy how to guides you should be back up and going in no time.

Keep an eye out for more episodes coming soon!

Episode 1: What tools should I carry?

Carrying tools with you while out on the bike is vital and in this episode of our new series, Oli walks you through some of the essential tools you SHOULD be carrying with you every ride!

Episode 2: How to Fix a Flat Tyre

Having a puncture when you are hitting the trails can very quickly ruin your ride, Oli takes you through some simple steps to fix that nasty puncture!

Episode 3: How to Fix Wheel Problems

Experiencing issues with your wheels when out on the trails can be super annoying, thankfully for you – Oli is about to take us through some of the best ways to fix these riding-ending problems!

Episode 4: How to Solve a Drivetrain Disaster

From skipping gears to broken chains, issues with any part of your drivetrain can cause your ride to come to an abrupt stop! In this episode, Oli takes us through how to solve those drivetrain disasters!

Episode 5: Emergency Trailside Hacks

In this final episode, Oli is going to talk you through some trailside hacks. These are not permanent fixes – simply a way of helping you get back to your car or the trailhead!

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