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Essential Skills with Elliott Heap

Enduro World Series Rider Elliott Heap joins us for a brand new series in which he teaches you the ultimate skills for when you are out on the trails! From riding steep sections to cruising over rock gardens each week Elliot will be showing us the do’s and don’ts so you can level up your riding!

Tune in to our YouTube channel every Friday for some fresh new episodes!

Episode 1: It’s a long way down

Do you fear steep and gnarly downhill sections? Are you having commitment issues going down hill? In this episode Elliott teaches you how to ride steep sections on your mountain bike with confidence!

Episode 2: WORST ROOTS EVER! (Made Easy)

Elliott Heap shows you how to ride roots on your mountain bike in this video. Elliott will help you tackle those wet and greasy roots quickly by focusing on your confidence!

Episode 3: Rock Garden NIGHTMARE (Dos & DON’TS)

In this video, Elliott Heap teaches you how to tackle those rock gardens without breaking you or your bike!

Episode 4: A HUGE DROP – How Does He Do That?

In this video, Elliott Heap teaches you how to ride drops on steep terrain, confidently!

Episode 5: EPIC BIKE TRICKS (How To Ride With Style)

In this video, Elliott Heap teaches you how to be more stylish while in the air! He’ll take you through how to have some style on big jumps as well as a few tricks you can learn!

Episode 6: SATISFYING Car Park Tricks

In this final video in our skills series, Elliott Heap shows you how to impress your friends with some car park tricks!

Tom Adams

Tom is a bike enthusiast! Originally a mountain biker, Tom enjoys going fast on two wheels, whether it's on the road or on the gravel, mountain bike or commuting! Tom has been riding bikes for almost 18 years and loves nothing more than getting out on the roads or trails and testing out the newest and most innovative things on the Chain Reaction website!

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