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Clean your bike with Muc-Off

If you want to keep your bike running smoothly you will need to clean and lubricate it regularly, paying particular attention to the moving parts of the transmission, where buildup of dirt and gunk will accelerate rates of wear and leave on the hook for new parts. We’ve outlined the general steps below, followed by a video showing everything you need to do for a successful bike wash.

  1. Hose your bike down
  2. Spray bike cleaner over the entire bike frame
  3. Sponge down frame, use brush on stubborn dirt and grime
  4. Rinse and dry
  5. Lube your chain

A dry or dirty chain will wear a lot faster than a clean, well-lubricated one, and will also wear your cassette and chainrings at a quicker rate and can result in poor shifting performance.

Good-quality lubricants can be pricey, but regular use of a reliable lube will work out much cheaper in the long run than having to replace your chain, cassette and rings long before their life should be up. Meanwhile specially formulated degreasers and bike cleaners are designed to shift old, dirty lube from the transmission and to keep the rest of the bike looking pristine.

Here’s how to return your mountain bike to box-fresh condition:

Here’s how to get your road bike looking showroom fresh:

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