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Best Frame Protection Buying Guide

Your bike is your pride and joy, so naturally you want to do your best to protect it.

Our frame protection products can help your frame look as good as they day you bought it and include:
• Tube covering material: ‘Helicopter tape’-type frame protection material consists of transparent vinyl sheets with an adhesive on one side. Applied to frame tubes, swingarms, fork legs etc they can protect from damage and scratches cause by flying stones, trailside branches or minor crashes.

• Frame patches: These thicker vinyl stickers used to prevent ‘cable rub’. Apply to parts of the frame or forks (usually the head tube or fork crown) where the brake and gear cables come into contact with the frame surface, to prevent the paintwork or tubing being gradually worn.

• Chainstay protectors: These are neoprene sleeves that protect your driveside chainstay from damage caused by the chain slapping against it over rough terrain.

NOTE: Frame protection of this type is intended to protect your frame’s paintwork or surface coating from scratching and minor damage. It is not designed to protect the structural integrity of your frame in the event of a big impact.

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