Cranksets Buying Guide

The complete buying guide to bike cranksets for mountain bikes, road bikes and BMX.

The chainset and its component parts – cranks, bottom bracket and chainrings – lie at the very heart of your bike’s drivetrain. It needs to be strong, light, durable and of course, value for money. In our guide to the complete buying guide to bike cranksets, we’ll show you exactly what you need to know.

Cranksets at a glance: 

  • The crankset, also called the chainset, consists of crank arms, bottom bracket, and chainrings
  • Cranksets come in three main formats, single, double, and triple
  • The introduction of huge rear cassettes in recent years has improved the viability of single chain rings

Chainset choice is determined not only by the type of bike you are riding – BMX, MTB and road chainsets are not interchangeable – but also by the type of riding you prefer.

Road and MTB racers will favour light weight above all else while more leisure orientated riders will perhaps look for long-lasting chainrings and bearings well sealed from the elements. BMXers will need super-strong units that can take the punishment of jumps, drops and stunts while gravity riders will also look for balance of strength, durability and light weight.

Know what you need? Head to the Chain Reaction Cycles website:

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