Best Shirts Buying Guide

Best Shirts Buying Guide

Whether you’re looking for something edgy to wear in the skate park or a more classically stylish shirt for casual city wear, our range of long- and short-sleeve shirts has something for everyone.

The main consideration when buying a shirt is whether it is purely for casual wear, or if you want to wear it when running or riding. In the case of the former, it’s completely down to you, your style and your favoured brands, but it is worth noting that a good-quality cotton or cotton blend shirt will be more durable than a cheap alternative and finished to a superior standard. Meanwhile if you are going to be commuting or riding in your shirt you may want to consider one with technical performance capabilities – although other types of athletic wear will generally offer more technical features such as breathability and moisture wicking.

Some things to think about when choosing a shirt are:

• Materials: Most casual tees are made from 100% cotton, which is soft and comfortable close to the skin and doesn’t require much in the way of specialized care. Some shirts may be made from a blend of cotton and synthetic material such as acrylic or polyester, which combines the comfort of cotton with the lightness of man-made fibres.

• Cotton weight: When browsing cotton shirts you might notice the term ‘GSM’ (grams per square metre), which is a measurement of the density/weight of the fabric. GSM is not a measure of the overall quality of the cotton, as this depends on multiple other factors including the finish of the fibres, but it will give you a rough idea of how thick the fabric is before you buy.

• Casual or sports? Cotton shirts are not generally the best choice for sports. Cotton absorbs moisture rather than allowing it to evaporate, meaning cotton tees that get soaked (from rain or sweat) stay soaked, and quickly get cold, heavy and clammy. Also – sweaty cotton stinks. A lot. If you’re going to work up a sweat in your shirt, get a more technical garment.

• Cut and collar: The classic spread collar is typical of most shirts, but there are many different types (forward-point, button-down, attached hood etc). The choice is entirely a personal one.

• Sleeves: Long or short? It’s up to you (and the weather).

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