Best Running Accessories: Buying Guide For Running Companions

When you’re running, you like to keep things as simple as possible. This means performance apparel and a minimalist approach to gear – nothing that gets in the way of your flow or is a burden to carry.

That’s why for most runners, bulky pockets and backpacks are a no-no – but what happens when you need to carry essential gear such as gel packs, nutrition bars, hydration, your personal music device, your race number or even your car keys?

What running accessories do I need?

There are a range of specialized solutions available for runners that enable them to carry their bare essentials in the simplest, most convenient and most unobtrusive way possible. These include race belts, waist packs and arm bands.

• Race belts: Race belts are lightweight and breathable synthetic belts designed to be worn around the waist by runners. They can be used to mount your race number, eliminating the need for safety pins, as well as to carry essentials such as gel pouches. Many race belts also have additional features such as microbial treatments (to prevent buildup of bacteria) and UV protection (to prevent fading and protect skin).

• Waist packs: Small ‘bum bag’ or ‘fanny pack’ style race belts feature a zippered pouch to hold essentials such as keys, inhaler, money, mobile phone or ID in case of emergency.

• Running Insole: Running can be tough on the bodies muscles and joints due to pressure exerted down through the body. Running insole combine a mixture of carbon, EVA foam and gel materials to develop an insole that can provide support and comfort to the athlete. Helping to provide a better running position and support to the foot during exercise.

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