Best Riding Pants and MTB Trousers: Buying Guide For A Comfortable Trouser

Best Riding Pants: Buying Guide For A Comfortable Bike Trouser

If you prefer to have your legs covered, MTB trousers are comfortable on the bikes and offer a good on the bike fit for easy riding and efficient pedalling. The fit tends to be slim to stop unwanted flapping about, but their technical fabrics and cycling specific cut ensures unrestricted movement on the bike while leaving room for knee pads. 

Why do I need riding pants?

One of the main benefits of trousers over shorts is that they keep your legs warm dry and clean when riding wet trails, ensuring at the end of a ride, that all the mud goes with them instead of staying on your legs. 

Stretch in the fabric is essential for allowing you free movement on the bike while maintaining an efficient slim fit. Stretch panels in key areas give you all the movement you need but higher end trousers offer more overall stretch for improved comfort on the bikes.  

Best Riding Pants: Buying Guide For A Comfortable Bike Trouser

When do I choose pants over shorts?

There may be a number of reasons as to why you would choose riding pants over shorts. For most it is a personal preference, for others it may be down to a number of reasons:

Waterproof – Some pants are waterproof, excellent for those moments when you are not sure what the elements may do next. Ideal for commuters dealing with road spray or mountain bikers splashing through puddles on trails.

Warmth – The extra material in the pants allow for better warming of the legs. On those cold winter mornings around the forests riding pants are the ideal fit to stop muscle pain and injury. Different brands offer vents in the legs for those warmer days to allow air flow in.

Material – Riding pants have reinforced material around the crotch and inner thigh to ensure no risk of tear in extreme movements.

Types of pants

Waterproof Trousers – available for those commuters or off-roaders who want that bit of flexibility that bib tights might not provide.

Streetwear – our collection of jeans and pants from leading manufactures will help you look good and stay cool.

Leggings – great as a base layer that can be worn under other trousers or shorts. Normally made from Merino wool which is excellent at insulating.

Best Riding Pants: Buying Guide For A Comfortable Bike Trouser

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