Best Casual Cycling Jackets: Buying Guide For Riding In Style

Cycling jackets are essential for anyone riding a bike during the months which the weather doesn’t want to play fair. Despite specialist clothing being available it’s not an absolute necessity for riding a bike unless you plan on smashing a new record on Strava or you’re doing big miles.

Why do I need a casual jacket?

There are plenty of situations where riding your bike without the bother of bringing a spare change of clothes are be ideal. Perhaps you want to ride your bike to work and avoid the busy traffic but also want to avoid the rather nerve pinching “nice lycra” comments from that one annoying co-worker.

Casual gear such as jackets are ideal for times like these enabling you to stay comfortable on and off the bike with the added benefit of looking stylish as well.

What casual jacket is best for me?

Conventional cycling gear (specific to the sport of cycling) is normally tighter fitting to enable you to push harder, eliminating as much resistance from the air as possible. Specific clothing with a tighter fit is more beneficial to remain agile on the bike.

Key things to consider:

  • Fit: While dual purpose gear doesn’t hug your figure as much as cycling specific gear you should still aim to purchase clothing that’s properly cut and shaped for a comfortable fit when riding your bike. With regards to jackets this corresponds to longer sleeves being cut to fit when you are reaching over for the handlebars as well as having a longer back to protect you from spray.
  • Fabric: It is recommended when choosing casual clothing for cycling such as jackets that you pick a material that is both breathable and water resistant. The right material of jacket can assure your commute to the pub or to work will not result in you either being drenched in rain or even worse, sweat.

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