Best First Aid Kits Buying Guide

Whether you’re out for a fun blast in the woods, an epic day in the hills or a fast road training session, the occasional spill comes with the territory. Experienced riders know that for minor grazes, cuts, road rash or other medical situations a decent first aid kit is a small but useful addition to your backpack.

Ensure your basic trail kit has essentials such as antiseptic cream or wipes, sterile dressings, a woven bandage, fabric plasters, painkillers and scissors/safety pins etc. while more comprehensive kits can have everything from burn gel and bug spray to an emergency space blanket.

It’s also worth noting that the effectiveness of any first aid supplies are enhanced by the knowledge of how best to use them – anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors is well advised to verse themselves on Rescue and Emergency Care (REC) first-aid basics, and there are multiple courses and certifications available. You may never need either the kit or the skills, but if the day comes that you do – you’ll be glad you had them.

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