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Best Zwift-compatible turbo trainers 2021

is the interactive online cycling tool sweeping the world of turbo training, making the once boredom-inducing (for many) slog a distant memory. We’ve selected some of the best Zwift-compatible turbo trainers to make the most of the platform.

With most models of turbo trainer supported, including smart and classic trainers – you should be up and running in no time.

Zwift translates your real world effort into speed in the digital one. Your power, measured by the watts you produce, propels you through the digital landscape.

Just like the real world, your speed is adjusted for your height, weight and the road gradient. We even give you credit for drafting. Zwift

The best Zwift-compatible turbo trainers in 2021

Wondering what’s the best trainer to use with Zwift? Here’s our top picks:

🚨 Due to the unprecedented demand for indoor trainers, the below selection might not be available. 🚨

This link will take you to the models that are in stock right now.

LifeLine Xplova NOZA S Smart Trainer

Whether you’re trying to challenge yourself to beat a personal best or keep up with your performance, the LifeLine Xplova NOZA S Smart Trainer ensures a smooth, stable and quiet experience.

Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer

The Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer incorporates the same precision speed, power, and cadence sensors of some top-end trainers, and offers unrivalled value in a robust, portable, and reliable unit.

Elite Direto X Smart Trainer 

Building on the success of the original Directo, this brilliant version offers improved heat management and internal hardware upgrades for a 50% reduction in noise in comparison to its predecessor.

Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer

Probably the best performance trainer on the market, the Neo 2T Smart is the most powerful, accurate and true to real cycling direct-drive trainer ever made. And, it’s even quieter and smoother to use than anyone believed possible. It features a re-designed motor to provide much higher torque values for the greatest indoor cycling experience.

Kinetic R1 Direct-Drive Trainer T-7000

Giving as real a feel as possible to every indoor ride, the innovative R1 lets your bike move naturally for the ultimate training experience.

The best budget turbo trainers to use with Zwift

You’ll need a speed and cadence sensor or a power meter to connect to Zwift if you’re using this type of trainer.

Note that the new Zwift iOS app only communicates with your iOS device via Bluetooth, not Ant+.

A rider turbo training on Zwift

Our top picks of non-smart turbos for getting up and running with Zwift:

LifeLine TT-02 Fluid Trainer

The robust Lifeline TT-02 is supported by Zwift who have configured its power curve to provide accurate feedback when combined with a speed and cadence sensor and ANT+ stick, giving you an incredible online experience.

Elite Qubo Power Fluid ElastoGel

A great turbo trainer with a large flywheel completely immersed in oil, which enables high-resistance levels to be obtained even at low speed.

Elite Crono Mag Speed Alu Trainer

Perfect for warming up for the race, the Elite Crono Mag Speed offers a superb trainer at a value price.

LifeLine TT-01 Turbo Trainer (Magnetic)

Offering you a smooth, realistic indoor training experience at outstanding value, the TT-01 magnetic bike turbo trainer will help you to maintain your fitness levels when poor weather prevents outdoor riding.

Essential Zwift turbo training accessories

Wahoo Kickr Climb

LifeLine Trainer Table

The LifeLine Trainer Table is height adjustable and will comfortably support your training device, refreshments and nutrition as you tackle your stationary workout.

Tacx USB ANT+ Antenna For PC

This USB dongle connects wirelessly to Android devices and PCs, relaying all the data from your speed, cadence, and power sensors to your training platform.

Sweat Cover

Indoor training sessions are inherently warm and sweaty due to the lack of air circulation when compared to the great outdoors. Let a Sweat Net catch the corrosive sweat to keep your frame and bar tape in tip-top shape.

Speed and Cadence Sensor

Data is the key to improvement and your gateway to online training. Most Speed and Cadence Sensors are compatible with ANT+ receivers and mount discretely on your chainstay, cranks, and spokes.

🚨 Due to the unprecedented demand for indoor trainers, the below selection might not be available. 🚨

This link will take you to the models that are in stock right now.

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