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Best road bike wheel upgrades

We’ve delved into Chain Reaction Cycles’ huge road wheel selection to hand-pick some of the best road wheel upgrades, whether you’re a sportive rider, racer, or just looking for top value.

[Original article updated to reflect current availability of wheels]

Why upgrade your wheels? 

  • A new wheelset is one of the best performance upgrades you can give a road bike, and will make an incredible difference to your riding experience.
  • Lightweight, strong, and stiff wheels reduce rotational weight to provide more speed for less effort and improving climbing, acceleration, and handling abilities.
  • Meanwhile, investing in a wheelset with quality hubs and replacement parts will offer increased durability, longer life, and better resistance to the elements.

Our best sportive wheelsets

Fulcrum Racing 6 C17 Road Wheelset

The Fulcrum Racing 6 C17 wheelset is designed with the best of Fulcrum’s technologies and is an ideal wheelset for riders starting out in the world of road racing. The asymmetric rim profile, differentiated rim height and 2:1 spoke lacing gives this wheelset stability, power transfer and more speed than ever before.

Campagnolo Scirocco C17 Road Wheelset

The Campagnolo Scirocco is another wallet friendly choice, featuring dashing good looks and aerodynamics, this wheelset is fully equipped to out-perform the competition. Its 16 spoke front wheel and 21 spoke rear profile adds to its pro-styling and its drag-reducing design.

Prime Baroudeur Disc Alloy Wheelset

This Prime wheelset are perfect for breaking away from the peloton, their lightweight, high performance design will give you a strong and speedy race from the start until till the finish line. The Baroudeur set have been aerodynamically designed to make long-distance riding as energy efficient as possible whilst providing you with improved braking performance even in the wettest conditions.

Prime Attaquer Disc Alloy Wheelset

The Attaquer disc set is designed as a fast-paced and well-equipped wheelset ready to give you a balanced experience and deliver the top speeds and distances of rampant road riding. As their name suggests, these wheels are the ideal duo for those who love to attack the peloton.

Our best road race wheelsets

Prime RR-50 V3 Carbon Clincher Wheelset

Featuring a wider rim profile with added comfort, grip and increased aerodynamics, this Prime wheelset is designed to help you reach the winner’s podium. This stylish wheelset offers you maximum performance for which ever riding you’re doing whether its time-trials or race training.

Mavic Cosmic SL 65 Disc Road Wheelset

Ready to launch you into the stratosphere, this Mavic wheelset has been tested in wind tunnels to produce the lowest drag possible without sacrificing stability in strong crosswinds. This wheelset is perfect for flat road races or windy triathlons thanks to its updated rim shape and lighter overall weight as well as easier tubeless technology.

Campagnolo Bora WTO 45 Road Wheelset 2020

Made from durable carbon fibres to ensure lightweight reliability and enhance control, this wheelset has been designed to improve your speed and performance. This is enhanced thanks to the angled design which maximises airflow, letting you ride with unrivalled power and pace.

Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon DB Road Wheelset

This wheelset have a friction free spin thanks to the ceramic bearings, combined with the carbon front hub, aluminum rear hub and oversized aluminum flanges, makes this wheelset a super-speedy pairing perfect for multi-purpose use for the high-performance rider.

Reynolds Aero 46 Black Label Carbon Disc Wheelset

With hard wearing carbon rim construction, this Reynolds wheelset is perfect for handling the intensity of clocking up the miles and delivering you a speedy finish during a race. Compatibility with disc brakes gives you reliable braking in all conditions.

Our best mixed price-range wheels

Fulcrum Racing 6 DB Road Disc Wheelset

A much more budget friendly version of their pro level wheelsets, this wheelset has been created with daily riding and commuting in mind making it a reliable duo ready to give you a high performance you need it at a price which doesn’t break the bank.

Prime RR-50 V3 Carbon Clincher Disc Wheelset

Featuring a unidirectional carbon fibre construction you’ll benefit from the exceptional stiffness and strength this wheelset has buckets of. This super versatile wheelset is strong enough for cyclo-x or adventure riding whilst also being deep enough for time trials.

Mavic Cosmic SL 32 Disc Road Wheelset

With 100% carbon fibre rims that deliver incredible strengthen without unnecessary weight, this wheelset is ready to start clocking up the miles. Perfect for fast climbing the NACA inspired rim shape minimises aerodynamic drag . This wheelset is a great choice of upgrade for riders who want less friction, better efficiency and a reduced risk of punctures.

Out best tubular wheels

Prime BlackEdition 50 Carbon Tubular Wheelset

Tested and raced by the Vitus Pro Cycling team, the 50mm deep rim profile ups the aerodynamics of the wheelset, while a stiffer and steadier wheel is provided thanks to the R010 CNC machined 7075 hubset and DT Swiss straight pull spokes.

Campagnolo Bora One 50 Tubular Wheelset

Campagnolo’s elite tubular wheelset is built to win. The Bora One 50 features All Condition Carbon Control (AC3) technology which improves braking in the dry by also boosts performance by 43% over past Campag models and nearly 55% over its closest rivals when the roads get wet. The Bora One 50 has also taken on a wider rim profile which has allowed the capability to house wider tyres and improved aerodynamics. The wider structure also gives an increased structural strength whilst making this the Bora family the lightest it has ever been.

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