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Best MTB wheel upgrades

A bike wheel upgrade is one of the most significant changes a cyclist can make. Not only will a slick pair of hoops vastly improve your ride and responsiveness, but faster acceleration and deceleration will mean more speed and better performance of your bike overall.

One of the best ways to enjoy these advantages is to go for a custom-built wheel. A bespoke build allows you to tweak the wheel’s performance, aesthetics, cost, and aerodynamics, to create the perfect performance profile for your style.

Vary spoke type and count to create either a softer or stiffer wheel, allowing you to target all-out speed or improved shock-absorbing performance for downhill trails.

Chain Reaction Cycles provides a popular custom wheel building service offering:

1. Hand-built expertise from some of the best wheelbuilders in the business
2. Complete freedom to tailor your wheels to match the type of riding you do
3. The perfect way to personalise your bike, to mix and match your colours
4. Full range of wheels and options for every budget

Changing to a better quality wheelset is one of the best upgrades you can make – it’ll lower the rotational weight, improve acceleration and give you a speed advantage.

We’ve put together a selection of the best wheel upgrades available at Chain Reaction Cycles, covering cross-country riding, all-mountain/enduro and downhill.

Cross-country/trail wheels

Packed with high-end tech and super strong, the Oozy Trail is a pro-proven, podium-ready set of MTB wheels.

One of the best wheels on offer for cross-country, the Tech XC features their super-popular Pro 4 hub.

The Nukeproof Neutron wheels have been developed to provide optimal dependable performance on the mountain and a hassle-free life in the workshop.

All-mountain/Enduro wheels

A massively popular choice for riders who want a tough, stiff and reliable pair of wheels.

Wide, strong and light. The Nukeproof Horizon wheels have been developed to provide optimal grip and dependable high performance on the mountain, and a hassle-free life in the workshop.

The Flow’s legendary history on the World Cup DH circuit, combined with Stan’s WideRight 29mm internal width offers the perfect balance of tyre stability for outstanding control at any speed.

Downhill wheels

The Mavic Deemax Pro 27.5 Boost 12×148 MTB Wheels is designed to handle everything the modern mountain biker could possibly put it through.

A super stiff, reliable pair of wheels built to take all the abuse you can throw at them.

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