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Best MTB Goggles 2022

Best Goggles 2022

Keep your vision for the trails ahead clear whilst keeping your eyes protected from grit and debris as we pick our top five MTB goggles for 2022!

Some of the best mountain bike goggles have padding that fits snugly against the face and a broad visor that provides an outstanding field of view. Whether you’re riding downhill or racing enduro, the finest MTB goggles are essential.

So, what makes our list of the best mountain bike goggles for 2022 and what should you look for?

Best MTB Goggles – Tried and Tested

We’ve created our top five list of the best MTB goggles for 2022! We have tested a range based on looks, price, performance and comfort!

What to look out for when buying mountain bike goggles?

What to look out for?

It can be a bit confusing when reading the jargon on mountain bike goggles, so what should you look for when you’re going to buy a pair of MTB goggles?

Frame type: There’s often two options for mountain bike goggles; some goggles have an enclosed frame with a foam covering on top and bottom that keeps dirt out but limits airflow, causing the goggles to fog up. Open frame goggles, on the other hand, allow air to flow while also allowing debris, water, and insects to enter.

Goggle straps: Goggle straps should be fairly elasticated so they can fit over a wide range of helmet sizes along with silicone strips to help prevent the MTB goggles from coming off your helmet. A better fit against the face can be provided by dual density foam.

Lens type: The lens is one of the most important parts of mountain bike goggles. Not only helping you see clearly but they are fundamental in protecting your eyes from dirt and debris that can be kicked up when riding. Most MTB goggles available today offer replaceable lenses; so depending on your preference or conditions you can tailor your goggles.

Lenses come in a wide variety from entirely clear lenses for dull settings to amber coloured lenses for improved contrast in low flat light conditions to more shaded and/or reflecting lenses for bright and sunny conditions.

Fox Racing Main Stray MTB Goggles

Fox Racing Main Stray MTB Goggles
Fox Racing Main Stray Mountain Bike Goggles

As well as providing great value, the Fox Racing Main Stray MTB Goggles deliver a large field of view along with an impact-resistant Lexan lens which also offers UV protection.

Supplied with a clear lens, the Fox Racing Main Stray MTB goggles have an easily swappable lenses with the Variable Lens System which allows you to fit both standard and injection moulded lens.

✅ Great value goggles
✅ Fit well to your face
✅ Very comfortable
🔧 Lens can scratch easily
  • Colour: Black, White, Fluro Red, Blue and Pink
  • Lens: Lexan
  • Price: £34.99

Verdict: Best value MTB Goggles

POC Ora Clarity MTB Goggles

POC Ora Clarity MTB Goggles
POC Ora Clarity Mountain Bike Goggles

Built for riders who take things off the beaten track, the POC Ora Clarity MTB Goggles comes with stretched lens for maximising the field of view. The Zeiss lens is specially optimised for trail environments with contrast-enhancing clarity.

The brand new frame is flexible and lightweight with an interior, triple lining of face foam for a precision fit.

✅ Flexible frame
✅ Wide field of view
✅ Excellent clarity with Carl Zeiss lens
🔧Lack of versatility to support tear-offs
  • Colour: Epidote Green
  • Lens: POC’s Clarity
  • Price: £80.00

Verdict: Best MTB Goggles for all round performance

Leatt Goggles Velocity 4.5 Light Grey

Leatt MTB Goggles Velocity 4.5 Light Grey
Leatt Mountain Bike Goggles Velocity 4.5 Light Grey

The Leatt MTB Goggles Velocity 4.5 Light Grey provide increased protection and good vision. The goggles are described as bulletproof, according to Leatt, having been tested to Military Ballistic Impact Standards to assure your safety. You’ll also get a mist-free vision of the trails thanks to the built-in anti-fog feature.

WideVision Mirror lenses provide great forward and peripheral vision, and they’re tear-resistant for even the most muddy mountain biking days. If you wear glasses, the Over-The-Glasses fit is ideal, and the broad outriggers and 40mm anti-slip strap work well with practically any helmet.

✅ Military grade lens
✅ Lens doesn’t fog and very scratch resistant
🔧 Goggles are fairly large
  • Colour: Neon Orange Clear, Red Clear, White Clear, Neon Lime Clear, Royal Clear, Blue Clear and Black
  • Lens: WideVision (170°) Mirror 
  • Price: £39.99

Verdict: Best MTB Goggles for glasses wearers

100% Racecraft Plus Goggles Mirror Lens

100% Racecraft Plus MTB Goggles Mirror Lens
100% Racecraft Plus Goggles Mirror Lens

The 100% Racecraft mountain bike goggles provide a brilliant degree of protection, comfort, and dependability, allowing you to concentrate on the trail ahead.

With a 1.75mm injected high definition polycarbonate lens that gives pure clarity as well as higher levels of impact and abrasion protection.

The lens has an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating to keep it clearer for longer. The mirror lens will also shield your eyes from harsh sunlight and UV rays.

✅ Superb degree of comfort and protection
✅ Excellent quality
🔧 Heavier in weight than some others
🔧 Can be fiddly to change lenses
  • Colour: Rodion and Illumina
  • Lens: Racecraft Plus Goggles Mirror Lens
  • Price: £89.99

Verdict: Best quality MTB Goggles

Leatt Velocity 4.0 Goggles 2021

Leatt Velocity 4.0 MTB Goggles 2021
Leatt Velocity 4.0 Goggles 2021

With the Leatt Velocity 4.0 Goggles, you can take on the trail with confidence, as they improve your vision while keeping you safe.

The unbreakable 170-degree WideVision MTB lens provides optimum protection against impacts and abrasions. The lens is vented and has built-in anti-fog technology to keep your vision clear even in the worst weather.

The lightweight frame features an over-the-glasses fit that is suitable with most helmet types and guarantees a comfortable fit. A dual-layer of anti-sweat face foam cushions the interior of the frame.

✅ Excellent scratch resistance thanks to bulletproof lenses
✅ Well-vented frames
✅ Dual layer foam with extra sweat absorption
🔧 There can be a glare from the lens in extreme sunlight
  • Colour: Graphene, Coral Clear
  • Lens: 170-degree WideVision 
  • Price: £44.99

Verdict: Best MTB goggles for bulletproof lenses

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