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Best Full Face Helmets: Top-rated lids for 2022

Best Full Face Helmets: Top-rated lids for 2022

If you’re a fan of downhill riding, enduro racing or just like to feel more protected when out on the trails, finding the best full face helmet is essential. We have chosen some of our top picks so let’s check out the Best Full Face Helmets 2022….

Complete the look, with a full range of protection:

Fox Racing Rampage Comp Full Face MTB Helmet

Fox Racing Rampage Comp Full Face MTB Helmet

The Fox Racing Rampage Comp shares the same DNA as the championship winning Fox Racing Carbon Pro. Rather than carbon, this helmet has a lightweight but extremely tough fibreglass shell which can withstand a crash as well as the bumps and scrapes on regular rides and is designed for maximum airflow to keep you cool on warm days.

Safety wise, the Rampage Comp has a Mips system which will reduce the rotational forces on your head if you’re involved in a crash. Plus, an EPS Foam liner which will absorb forces or impacts to the head.

Leatt MTB Gravity 8.0 Helmet 2022

Leatt MTB Gravity 8.0 Helmet 2022

The Leatt Gravity 8.0 is a helmet designed around protection. Using Leatt’s own 360° Turbine Technology which focuses on reducing the damaging effects of a crash on your brain, it works via 360° moving discs, all made from an energy-absorbing material.

Leatt have also used four different densities of impact-absorbing foam within the core to help dissipate impact forces.

The Gravity 8.0 also focuses on comfort with large vents to help pull fresh air in and expel warm air whilst also adding a moisture-wicking liner to draw moisture off your skin.

Bluegrass Legit Helmet

Bluegrass Legit Helmet

Designed to be both stunning to look at and comfy in use, the Bluegrass Legit Helmet is fine example of value for money. Crafted using a composite fibreglass shell with a multi-impact EPS liner to give you the rider a lightweight, comfortable and safe full face helmet.

The Legit utilises a double-D buckle and MX style straps to deliver customised comfort with 11 vents working to eliminate excess sweat.

When it comes to safety, the Legit helmet comes with a safety-release visor that prevents twisting which is compatible with *inflatable emergency release system, goggles and neck brace.

* adopted from motorcycle helmet technology, this system is designed to help remove a helmet without damaging a rider’s neck and spine.

Endura MT500 Full Face Helmet

Endura MT500 Full Face Helmet

The Endura MT500 Full Face Helmet is designed with minimal weight and outstanding impact protection thanks to Koroyd core technology.

Weighing in at under 700 grams, the MT500 feels like a standard helmet on your head letting you feel free to bomb down gnarly trails. It has large air vents and an ‘air intake’ zone across the top of the helmet helping to keep a cool flow of air circulating. The fast wicking padding also draws sweat away from your skin.

Koroyd Core Technology uses specially designed tubes in the structure of the helmet that help to quickly dissipate impact energy as a result of a crash, ensuring your safety is number one priority.

iXS Xult DH FF Helmet 2022

IXS XULT DH FF Helmet 2022

iXS recently announced the new and updated Xult downhill full face helmet, designed with some slightly different looks and protection.

The Xult now has a sleek new outer shell, improved placement of ventilation channels, a silicone goggle-strap grip, and the inclusion of washable comfort lining. 

The helmet uses iXS’s X-Rail and X-Matter protection technology where inserts are positioned across major impact zones between the EPS and outer shell. The inserts are designed to deform on softer impacts and stiffen on harder impacts. The lightweight nature of this helmet also reduces the effects of rotational forces on the head.

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