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Best Cycling Eyewear – 16 shades of glasses for 2022

Best Cycling Eyewear - 20 shades of glasses for 2022

The best cycling eyewear will not only protect your eyes from the sun but also keep you shielded from the wind, bugs and any debris thrown up on your ride.

We’ve taken a look at all the options available on the market from new arrivals for 2022 to returning top picks across all price ranges to help you get the perfect cycling sunglasses.

Best Entry-Level Cycling Eyewear:

  • dhb Clark Revo Lens Sunglasses
  • Tifosi Eyewear Intense Single Lens Sunglasses
  • Endura Gabbro 2 Cycling Sunglasses
  • Tifosi Eyewear Intense Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses
  • Tifosi Eyewear Sledge Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses

Best Mid-Level Cycling Eyewear:

  • dhb Vector Revo Lens Sunglasses
  • Bolle C Shifter Grey Gold Mirror Sunglasses 2022
  • dhb Upsilon Frameless Sunglasses

Best Performance-Level Cycling Eyewear:

  • Oakley Radar EV Path Matte Black Sunglasses
  • Oakley Sutro PRIZM Road Sunglasses
  • Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Road Sunglasses
  • KOO Spectro Black Bronze Super Bronze Lens SS22
  • Oakley Encoder Sunglasses
  • POC Elicit Sunglasses 2022

Best Photochromic Cycling Sunglasses:

  • dhb Vector PhotoChromatic Lens
  • Oakley Radar EV Path Photochromic

Best Entry-Level Eyewear

If you’re looking for a wallet friendly pair of sunglasses, here are our top picks on the market at the minute.

dhb Clark Revo Lens Sunglasses

dhb Clark Revo Lens Sunglasses

Blending the line between casual and sporting sunglasses dhb’s Clark sunglasses come with a casual look and feel while utilising high-performance technological designs.

They come with a lightweight and comfortable fit with rugged construction that is suited to a range of everyday activities.

Tifosi Eyewear Intense Single Lens Sunglasses

Tifosi Eyewear Intense Single Lens Sunglasses

Great entry level performance eyewear, the Tifosi Intense Single Lens Sunglasses are designed for comfort and stability.

The lenses will shrug off impacts and abrasions to protect the surface from scratching – keeping your vision clear. Also, helping to keep the lenses clear is an integrated vent system that boosts ventilation to avoid fogging.

Endura Gabbro 2 Cycling Sunglasses

Endura Gabbro 2 Cycling Sunglasses

A superb all round sunglass from Endura, the Gabbro 2 delivers high style and performance for cyclists.

The multi-functional glasses are a one piece cylindrical lens featuring an expansive field of view thanks to the large polycarbonate lens that shields you whilst providing 100% UV protection.

Gabbro 2 Cycling Sunglasses also feature Endura’s advanced REVO coloured mirror lens which is engineered to provide the best coverage in low lighting conditions. 

Tifosi Eyewear Intense Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses

Tifosi Eyewear Intense Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses

Tifosi’s Intense Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses offer top-quality features you’ll struggle to find in similarly priced sunglasses. They include three interchangeable lenses to give you optical clarity, day or night and a microfibre cleaning pouch that has external slots for storing the two sets of unused lenses.

Tifosi Eyewear Sledge Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses

Tifosi Eyewear Sledge Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses

The Sledge glasses come with a wide field of vision created by a single polycarbonate lens that ensures intense protection against impacts and abrasions.

The lens is optically decentred to create a more restful vision experience with a greater level of clarity. To keep your vision clear, the lenses are vented to prevent fogging using Glare Guard technology.

The interchangeable lens system allows you to find the perfect coverage in any environment. The lenses are easy to switch in and out of the frame too.

Best Mid-Level Eyewear

With extra performance features and lens options to suit a range of lighting conditions, these glasses are great if you want to spend a bit more cash.

dhb Vector Revo Lens Sunglasses

dhb Vector Revo Lens Sunglasses

Built for both road and MTB cyclists dhb’s Vector Revo Lens Sunglasses come with a bold, full framed design with a wide field of vision.

The large single lens design stretches the peripheral vision out and provides a large surface area of protection. Integrated vents across the lens help to keep your vision clear from fogging.

The adjustable nose piece provides a comfortable fit that keeps the glasses in position during even your most intense movements.

Bolle C Shifter Grey Gold Mirror Sunglasses 2022

Bolle C Shifter Grey Gold Mirror Sunglasses 2022

The newest member of the Bolle Shifter family has arrived in the form of the C Shifter Grey Gold Mirror Lens Glasses.

The half rim shield frame enhances ventilation around your face whilst the TR90 nylon frame keeps things light and flexible.

For a more comfortable feel the adjustable nose piece and temple tops ensure a tailored feel and the Thermogrip rubber coating delivers added grip.

dhb Upsilon Frameless Sunglasses

dhb Upsilon Frameless Sunglasses

Rimless sports sunglasses that are built to perform with a lightweight and adaptive design that is suited to Road, MTB and Run.

The large lens and rimless frame design offer an unobstructed field of vision that protects against impact. Best suited to bright lighting conditions the glasses come with a light transmission of 8-18%.

Best Performance-Level Eyewear

If you’re on the lookout for a pair of high quality performance sunglasses, these are for you – developed in conjunction with pro riders, these lightweight glasses use the latest lens and frame technology.

Oakley Radar EV Path Matte Black Sunglasses

Oakley Radar EV Path Matte Black Sunglasses

Oakley’s Radar EV Path Matt Black Sunglasses are advanced sports sunglasses that can really help you up your game whether your cycling or running.

The sunglasses come with Oakley’s performance shield lens technology which protects your vision from impacts and abrasions. The lenses also come with a collection of cutting-edge technologies patented by Oakley, coming under their umbrella term of High Definition Optics (HDO), which optimise your vision with increased contrast.

Oakley Sutro PRIZM Road Sunglasses

Oakley Sutro PRIZM Road Sunglasses

Unlike any other cycling, high-performance sunglasses Oakley’s Sutro glasses come with a high-wrap shield design that offers the ultimate in protection and a huge field of vision.

The large, single, plutonite lens comes with a road specific tint and Prizm lens technology which enhances colour and contrast.

Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Road Sunglasses

Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Road Sunglasses

Oakley’s Jawbreaker™ Prizm Road Sunglasses are the pinnacle accessory, which conveniently answer the demands of world-class athletes.

Infusing four decades of experience, Oakley knows how to make performance sunglasses; their innovation has reached the pinnacle of performance by offering everything from Switchlock™ so you can switch your lens as quickly as possible.

Koo Spectro

KOO Spectro Sunglasses SS22

Featuring a superb range of Spectro glasses to suit your riding and style needs – the Koo Spectro provide ultimate in visual experiences.

Delivering an expansive field of view, with a single Zeiss Polycarbonate lens design that boosts your peripheral vision, the Spectro are also coated in the Zeiss Anti-Reflective Technology that ensures your eyes receive the greatest level of light possible – enhancing contrasts, definition and reducing eye strain.

Oakley Encoder Sunglasses

Oakley Encoder Sunglasses Range

Purpose-built for use across multiple sport categories, Encoder is a sport performance style designed with helmet fit functionality in mind. The progressive wrap design creates a unique look with superior coverage and enhanced field of view.

The extended wrap of the lens, coupled with calibrated rigidity and low-profile temples make Encoder an obvious choice for a broad range of sports across a variety of light conditions.

POC Elicit Sunglasses 2022

POC Elicit Sunglasses 2022

Maximum performance in an extremely lightweight sunglasses – weighing in at just 23g!

The completely frameless Elicit sunglasses are formed using strong, lightweight and in the most part from renewably sourced materials.

For a better fit you are also supplied with two nose pieces, in two different sizes, which can easily be swapped in and out.

The expansive single-piece lens is enhanced with POC’s advanced Clarity lens technology for a high definition experience.

Photochromic Sunglasses:

Photochromic lenses automatically adjust to the level of light surrounding you, meaning they’re ideal for situations where the light constantly changes or for anyone who doesn’t want to constantly switch out their lenses.

dhb Vector PhotoChromatic Lens

dhb Vector PhotoChromatic Lens

Adaptable, high-performance sunglasses that are suitable for road or MTB riders. The glasses come with a bold, full-frame with a comfortable fit with adjustable nose piece which helps stabilise the glasses.

The large lens utilises photochromic lens technology which adapts the coverage of the lens to changes in your lighting environment offering a large range of coverage in one lens. Vents are also integrated into the top of lenses to keep the lens clear from fogging.

Oakley Radar EV Path Photochromic

Oakley Radar EV Path Photochromic

A new milestone in the heritage of performance, Radar® EV takes breakthroughs of a revolutionary design even further with a taller lens that extends the upper field of view.

From the comfort and protection of the O Matter® frame to the grip of its Unobtanium® components, this premium design builds on the legacy of Radar innovation and style.

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