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Best winter mountain bike tyres

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 2:59pm
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Photo by Neil Cain on Flickr
Changing weather conditions will inevitably result in a change in the trail you’re riding on, so you’re going to need to choose the right tyres to get the most out of your ride time. Here’s a selection of the best winter mountain bike tyres.

Best winter mountain bike tyres

There are many mountain bike tyres for muddy and icy conditions from the likes of Schwalbe, Maxxis, Panaracer and Continental that’ll keep you pinned to the trail whatever the weather throws at you.

Ice and snow tyres

Photo by rabbipedro on Flickr
For extreme riding in snow or ice nothing else will do apart from a good spike tyre. Schwalbe and Continental both produce snow-going models with studs in the tread bars to provide maximum grip on ice and snow. Thanks to their open tread, they have good self-cleaning properties when things get hectic in mud and snow.

There are also stud tyres for less aggressive-style riding – perfect for an icy commute or snow-covered towpath trails. Browse the selection now:

Schwalbe Ice Spiker Winter MTB Tyre

Schwalbe Winter Stud Tyre

Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro Evolution Winter MTB Tyre

Schwalbe Marathon Winter Tyre

Continental Spike Claw 120 Winter Tyre

Mud tyres

Photo by etrino on Flickr

You’ll know that when riding on deep, gloopy, or chainset-churning mud that the right tyre is the difference between a good ride and a ‘never riding in those conditions’ day on the trails. Whether you’re riding cross-country, downhill or general trail riding then take a look at what’s on offer from Continental, Maxxis and Schwalbe:

Continental Der Baron DH Tyre – Black Chilli
Maxxis Wet Scream DH Tyre – Dual Ply
Panaracer Fire Mud Pro Comp Tyre
Continental Mud King XC ProTection Tyre
Maxxis Advantage FR Wire Tyre
Maxxis Medusa
Maxxis High Roller XC Wire Tyre
Michelin Wild Mud Advanced MTB Tyre

Turbo trainer tyres

Best winter mountain bike tyres

If you’re combining outdoor riding with a bit of indoor turbo or roller training then you’ll need a turbo-specific tyre. These tyres have special cold-running compounds which don’t generate the heat build up of a road tyre, and they don’t suffer the tread separation that the road tyre is prone to under the special loads occurring on rollers.

Schwalbe Insider Turbo Trainer Road Bike Tyre

Schwalbe Insider Turbo Trainer 26″ Tyre

Tacx Trainer Road Tyre
Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Home Trainer Tyre

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