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What’s a narrow wide chainring?

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 3:44pm
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What's a narrow wide chainring?
Wondering what a narrow wide chainring is? And why you should try one? 

Narrow wide chainrings are a relatively recent arrival in the mountain biking scene, and they’re being widely hailed as one of the top upgrades you can make if you’re running a single chainring. Here’s why…

What’s a narrow wide chainring?

Narrow wide chainrings, available from the likes of RaceFace, SRAM, E-Thirteen and Blackspire, have alternating narrow wide teeth that are extra wide to more fully fill the gap between the side plates as the chain passes through, allowing you to run a single front ring without a chain device, ensuring that there’s virtually no chance that your chain can drop off during a ride as a result of the chainring’s profile. 

As there’s only one chainring there’s no need for a front mech or shifter either, and this means a reduction in weight, increased confidence and therefore a more enjoyable ride!

Who can run a narrow wide chainring?

It’s possible for you to run a narrow wide chainring on a standard 1×9 or 1×10 groupset, and in order to get the best performance we’d recommend pairing it up with a clutch style rear mech.

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