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Michelin Power tyre wins Cycling Plus mag Best on Test award

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 9:27am
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Michelin Power tyres win Cycling Plus mag Best on Test award

We pride ourselves on bringing you the best products from the world’s top brands, and it’s always great when the cycling press puts the stuff we sell to the test.

Cycling Plus magazine have just published their review of the Michelin Power Competition tyre, saying:

Fast, light, grippy, smooth and affordable, Michelin has set a new benchmark for a premium performance tyre.

Michelin has added MotoGP technology to its latest bike tyres to create an excellent all-round rubber at an economical price.

The Power uses three different, diagonally laid up 180tpi layers, plus radially arranged micro-reinforcing rubber bands on the inside. The result is a smooth-feeling big- volume tyre that accelerates eagerly but which still weighs less than most 23mm tyres.

Michelin is tight-lipped about the actual Race Compound composition but it clearly rolls quickly, without feeling doubtful in wet or greasy corners.

Here’s our review of the Michelin Power Tyre range:

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