Has the new Power tyre range from Michelin lived up to its hype?

Monday, June 27th, 2016 11:05am
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Michelin Power. 22 mars 2016. Photo : Jérôme Cambier/Michelin
When Michelin launched the Power tyre range back in April 2016, the three new varieties of tyre – Michelin Power Competition, Michelin Power Endurance and Michelin Power All Season – were heralded as offering a new standard in the road tyre market, with increased rolling resistance, better puncture resistance and extra grip.

Michelin Power Competition

Michelin Power Endurance

Michelin Power All Season

We visited Michelin’s own testing facility to ride on the new tyres and from initial feedback and on-track testing, it was clear that Michelin had produced something special.

Our conclusion was that time along with more miles on the bike would tell whether the Michelin Power tyre would be the go-to model for racers, sportive riders and foul weather cyclists.

Good time has now passed so we’re going to delve into some of the reviews so far of the Michelin Power tyres – from both the cycling media and Chain Reaction Cycles customers…

Michelin Power Competition

Michelin Power Competition

BikeRadar put the race-focussed Michelin Power Competition tyre to the test – albeit an initial review – and concluded that the tyres were “Light and grippy with good road feel,” adding “the sensation of quality race tyres is tangible – and quite evident with Michelin’s latest clincher.

And here are a few CRC customer reviews:

“Forget all the hype from all the other tyre manufactures . Michelin are the best and the best just got better. Simply stunning tyres.” Flyingfinn

“I’ve use these tires up the mountains and the of Cyprus got 2 weeks to a race in York in the rain and they haven’t failed to amaze me yet, grip when you need it and I still haven’t found the limits, quick as you like and light, will be getting these again.” Wolfy

Michelin Power EnduranceMichelin Power Endurance

Michelin Power Endurance tyres are aimed at long-distance sportive riders. Launching with claims of increased puncture resistance and durability, more grip watt-saving, here’s what user reviews have said so far:

“I fell in love after the first 10k. Very smooth and positive through corners. The advertised 15%less rolling resistance is real. I gained kph with same effort.” Bikerlar

“Bought these as read a few reviews about benefits of increasing tyre width and have to say I’m very impressed, vastly improved comfort and I can believe the reports of increased rolling resistance.

Also happens to be the most expensive tyre I’ve bought (had Gatorskins in the past and although great for preventing punctures not a patch on these).” Fatboy1109

“Either I became more awesome overnight or the tyres made a noticeable difference.

On a standard route I do I went from an average 17.1mph to 18.5mph. OK yes I did push a little harder but I believe that the tyres did make a difference. Vredestein Fortezza TriComp was my old tyre of choice.

Only done less than 100 miles so far so cannot comment on puncture resistance but so far so good.” AndyP007

Michelin Power All Season

Michelin Power All Season

Michelin Power All Season are long lasting winter riding tyres with extra grip, more puncture protection and a new tread pattern over their predecessors. Here’s some feedback from real life use:

“Purchased a pair of 28mm All Season tires as the ones fitted to my 2015 Trek Domane 4,5 disc lasted 11 km. Have ridden 400km in the dry and wet with on problems yet. The low inflation of 87.5 psi seemed a bit low for me (6″8 105 kg).” Bigrider1

“With the new generation Michelin has delivered a superior durability without compromising the great rolling it always had.” Alvaro62

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