CRC Pro-Cycling game updates coming this week

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012 2:58pm
Category: Road

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded CRC Pro-Cycling so far, it’s great to see the leader boards filling up with some very competitive times and hearing all your comments. We’ve been listening to your suggestions for improvements to the game and as such developers Billy Goat are making the following changes for the next couple of updates:

Coming later this week, v1.0.2
• Mostly this update is to fix a number of bugs some of you have encountered including:
• Fixed bug causing cyclist AI not to avoid player when overtaking
• Fixed bug causing player to stop abruptly if in contact with AI cyclist
• Fixed bug that occasionally causes the game to forget the player’s position (resulting in them not being able to complete the lap they’re on)
• Fixed infrequent bug causing player to become stuck in position after crashing with another cyclist
• Fixed infrequent bug not posting times to Game Center leader boards in certain circumstances
In addition to that we’ve made some slight graphical optimisations and improved the language localisation.

Coming within the next two weeks, v1.1
• Our first major point update will include new content and make some significant visual improvements:
• Two brand new circuits
• Game Center achievements
• Improved player/ bike models
• Improved camera system (giving the player a clearer view while climbing/ ascending down hill)

A lot of people have commented on the Tour mode we’ve promised, which we’re working on at the moment. The Tour Mode will have a slightly different control scheme compared to the original ‘arcade’ modes to allow for more strategic racing (allowing you to draft other cyclists, for example). We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Finally, we’re also working on an Android version of the game, we can’t confirm an exact date when it will be available but we’re aiming to make the 1.0 version available before the end of August.

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