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Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 2:40pm
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Documenting the lives of two CRC staff athletes, downhill mountain bike rider Michael Cowan and BMX flatland star Peter Hollinger, the film was inspired by the enthusiasm of the entire workforce at the world's largest online bike store.
Featuring downhill race footage from Michael's season so far, riding footage from Peter's local spots as well as candid interviews from both of the film's stars, Geared Up is set to be the first of many feature-length documentaries from this up and coming young film maker.

Damien said: "I can't wait for the release of Geared Up, which has been a blast to make from day one. Many people might know about the company's reputation for top product and service, but behind all that there's a massive group of almost-obsessive people who regularly ride, race and have fun on two wheels.

The film throws a whole new light on the enthusiasm, dedication and love for the sport that our staff riders have, and coupled with the backdrop of the stunning landscapes and cityscapes throughout the film I hope you can see that a passion for sport can lead to great achievement and appreciation for our surroundings."
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