First look: Skins A400 compression range.

Friday, January 30th, 2015 10:19am
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The new Skins A400 compression clothing is an impressive selection of athletic wear featuring no less than 14 new products – it'll be available from Chain Reaction Cycles very soon.

In the meantime, we’ve the full list of what you can expect from the A400 range and the technology behind Skins' new collection.


A400 Men’s Compression Powershorts
The A400 Men’s Power Shorts enable you to perform at your personal best while effectively protecting your hip and leg muscles from injury.  Thanks to the 420D Memory MX fabric the compression in the A400 Men’s Power Shorts is almost twice as strong as the standard compression in other SKINS articles. This provides an extremely high degree of stability for your hip joints and optimal support for your muscles. If your sport involves extreme and fast movements or fits and starts then you can count on these functional tights and tackle without hesitation.

The dynamic compression also increases the blood flow and supplies your hard working muscles with additional oxygen.  The results are improved performance and shorter recovery periods when wearing these medium long tights, which are slightly longer than the shorts but a little shorter than the half tights. That means that they conform to the rules and regulations of all big team sports. Thanks to the new ADAPTIVE Technology we have developed a garment that adapts to the temperature of the environment as well as your body.

A400 Men’s Compression Half Tights
A400 Men’s Half Tights are constructed from five different technical fabrics allowing for optimal dynamic gradient compression to your larger leg muscles. They also provide controlled pressure and support to the ITB and TFL muscle groups which are at high risk of injury during running.

With added A-Seams for maximum durability and minimal chafing you can focus on your training drills or run in complete comfort. In addition an easily accessible waistband pocket means you can safely and comfortably store a key during your run.

360-degree, premium glass bead reflectivity to make sure you’re seen by other road users in low light conditions.

A400 Men’s Compression ¾ Tights
The compression in these functional tights, which feature more than 15 fabric panels, increases the oxygen supply to your muscles and provides stability. Even during high intensity workouts your movements remain controlled and strong, and vibrations are a thing of the past.  ADAPTIVE Technology keeps you dry and regulates your body temperature like a second skin.

The logos of the A400 Men’s ¾ Tights are reflective in any source of light and provide 360 degree visibility to keep you safe at all times. These functional tights combine dynamic compression with the latest design, including digital printed graphics. The special A-Seams and the shape of the waistband guarantee that the garment provides optimal comfort.  A practical pocket in the waistband allows you to store your key and keeps your hands free during your workout. 

A400 Men’s Compression Long Tights
SKINS A400 Men’s Long Tights are constructed using five different technical fabrics and 24 individual panels. These panels follow the natural lines of your muscles and tendons with the seams placed to act as anchor points, offering focused support and stability to major muscle groups.

Dynamic Gradient Compression technology increases circulation to deliver more oxygen to your working muscles. The biomechanically placed 70D Memory MX fabric around the knee allows for maximum natural movement without restriction while the balanced 4-way stretch properties allows for minimal force with optimal support over the delicate Achilles tendon. The 210D Memory MX fabric over your ITB & TFL muscle groups reduces pressure whilst ensuring natural function to reduce the risk of injury.

360-degree reflectivity and ADAPTIVE Technology will take care of body temperature control and moisture management and keeps you seen in low light.

A400 Men’s Compression Short Sleeve Top
New ADAPTIVE Technology will keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm while Dynamic Gradient Compression ensures that your upper body is getting the right amount of compression around your core for much needed stability and support.

A redesigned neckline allows for a comfortable fit while the stretch airflow mesh under your arms provides freedom of movement and increased breathability. In addition, a silicone gripper on the hem will stop the A400 Men’s Short Sleeve Top from riding up and 360-degree reflectivity to shine in low light.

A400 Men’s Compression Long Sleeve Top
The A400 Men’s Compression Long Sleeve Top is constructed from many panels using five different materials and its flat A-Seams provide comfort and durability. The mesh inserts under the arms provide breathability in the armpit area. ADAPTIVE Technology keeps you cool when it is hot and warm in the cold while reflective logos and fabric panels provide additional safety.

During extreme movements the top will stay in place thanks to the hem with silicone insert. Sleeve cuffs with bonded seams provide the garment with a modern look and offer ultimate comfort. 


A400 Women’s Compression Shorts
SKINS A400 Women’s Shorts have been designed to improve your performance while keeping you comfortable in the process.

ADAPTIVE Technology keeps you feeling warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot while dynamic gradient compression helps increase circulation and get more oxygen to hard working muscles i.e. Better performance and a reduced chance of injury!

A wider waistband and lower rise ensures A400 Women’s Shorts sit perfectly on your hips for maximum comfort. In addition, A-Seams are up to 30% stronger than standard stitching as well as being more comfortable and more durable

360-degree reflectivity ensures that you are seen in low light conditions and they’ve added an accessible waistband pocket.

A400 Women’s Compression ¾ Tights
A400 Women’s ¾ Tights include the new ADAPTIVE Technology to keep you cool when it’s hot and feeling warm when it’s cold. A lower rise sits securely on your hips and the wider, shaped waistband with an easily accessible pocket lets you focus on your workout in maximum comfort and there’s 360-degree reflectivity.

Dynamic Gradient Compression helps deliver more oxygen to your active muscles so you can train harder for longer and reduce the chance of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

For extra muscle support Memory MX fabric has been added to various key areas including your ITB, TFL and knee to ensure maximum compression without restriction, so you can go that little bit harder without the risk of injury.

A400 Women’s Compression Long Tights
With compression from the calf to the upper thigh muscles you can carry out your workout more efficiently and your legs recover more quickly after your training wearing A400 Women’s Long Tights. ADAPTIVE Technology assists in regulating your body temperature by cooling you down in warm conditions and keeping you warm in the cold.

The major seams of the tights provide comfort and durability and the ankle cuffs are feature bonded seams which optimise compression and offer supreme comfort. A  lower rise cut means the tights sit on the hips and the wide waistband offers a pocket in the back to store your key or your smart phone. 

A400 Women’s Crop Top
Worn as a sports bra under your normal tops or on its own, it will support you where you need it most.  Removable cups allow you to adjust the top to your requirements and ensure a perfectly customised fit. The flat, wide front zip is lockable to prevent involuntary opening while allowing you to get in and out of the garment very easily. Soft elastic under the bust absorbs moisture and ensures a comfortable fit while Power Mesh inserts offer breathability and ventilation during sweaty workouts.

Like all the other articles of the A400 Series the Women’s Crop Top features ADAPTIVE Technology supplying you with the optimal body climate, and reflective details to keep you safe.

A400 Women’s Tank Top
You can train hard and in complete comfort with a built in, medium impact support shelf bra that helps reduce breast bounce.

Innovative A-Seams improve durability and eliminate the risk of chafing, while neoprene straps won’t dig into your shoulders.

Adaptive Technology will have you feeling warmer when it’s cool and cooler when it’s hot, as well as wicking moisture away from your skin to keep you dry. For extra ventilation, there are some power mesh inserts in high sweat zones and 360 reflective technologies to keep you visible.

SKINS A400 Women’s Compression Short Sleeve Top
A400 Women’s Short Sleeve Top has dynamic Gradient Compression to help increase circulation to get more oxygen to your active muscles, combined with ADAPTIVE Technology to keep you feeling warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.

An improved neckline combined with bonded hems improves comfort whilst a stretch airflow mesh under the arms increases breathability so you can stay focused on your exercise and 360 degree reflectivity to make sure you’re always visible!

A400 Women’s Long Sleeve Top
SKINS A400 Women’s Long Sleeve Top provides support to your core and arms and stretch airflow mesh panels under the arms increase breathability and ensures there’s no restriction to your range of movement.

360-degree reflectivity makes sure you’re seen in all light conditions and while you’re training dynamic Gradient Compression helps increase circulation to get more oxygen to your active muscles, combined with ADAPTIVE Technology to keep you feeling warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.

Essentials Unisex Calf Tights MX
SKINS Essentials Unisex Calf Tights MX use Dynamic Gradient Compression to ensure optimal compression levels and increased oxygen delivery to your active calf muscles and provide controlled compression over the delicate Achilles tendons to help minimise the risk of injury.

The ADAPTIVE Technology uses a unique polymer that binds moisture into its structure to help you feel warmer when it’s cold and as your body heats up, the polymer releases the moisture to the surface where it evaporates to keep you cool as well as having 50+ UPV protection.

A400 Technology

Dynamic Gradient Compression
Increases oxygen delivery to active muscles while in motion and reduces lactic-acid build-up for more power and less recovery time.

Muscle Focus
Wrapping your key muscle groups to focus direction and decrease vibration ensures less soft tissue damage and less soreness post exercise.

Warp Knit
Warp knitted fabric in all SKINS clothing using multiple fine quality yarns gives you a better performance as there is no natural stretch, instead spandex mix ensures specific levels of elasticity and perfectly controlled compression.

50+ UV Protection
Born in Australia Skins value the importance of UV protection, with 50+UV on all fabrics you can train hard knowing your skin is safe from the sun.

400 Fit
Comfortable, precise fitting with targeted Gradient Compression along with a wider variety of leg lengths for men and different body shapes for women.

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